Saturday, October 26, 2013

In Time

Is the reality now is just an illusion? Is everything that is happening is a lie? Is life itself a computerized-plan programmed by The Supreme Being?  Is everything happening is supposed to be happening. Or not.

Life itself is a complete unexplainable thing. When something happens who should we point fingers to- god, people or ourselves? I can never find this answer. What's our job in this world, what's our role; to become leaders? To become engineers? To become doctors? To become garbage collectors? To become a liar? To become a thief? To become a complete idiot? Where do we lie?

What makes a building to collapse? The earthquake or the construction of the building itself? I think its neither. Because if the building is strong enough no matter what force acts on it, it will remain strong. Going back to the point, who should be blamed? The answer is no one. Do we blame the contractors who constructed the building or the mother nature? Certainly we can't punish the mother nature but we can punish the contractors. Upon investigation, it is known that the fault comes from a low quality building material. So now the developers are to be blamed. Guess what,  after a detailed investigation it is found that it was a fraud case by the building material company. Then, a statement of them saying that it's due to the inefficient budget plan by the developers. And if you noticed, the chain goes on and on. Again who to be BLAMED?

Then you may think why do we have law. I think it's just to satisfy people with the illusion that there is a 'criminal' found guilty. Applause to the lawyer etc. Case closed.

The point is whatever that happens is life there is no one to be blamed, even yourself. Blaming yourself is like taking a knife and stabbing yourself. Yes if God do exist, blaming him doesn't prove anything either. You may be wondering why does the word 'justify' exist. It just exist to calm people's heart that the culprit has been found. And guess who it is, 'justify' is. I rest my case for the night.

* I don't mean to defy on anyone's thoughts. It's just an expression of MY thoughts. Thanks.