Monday, November 30, 2009

A Beautiful Mess

First of all, im devastated coz i juz broke Qayum's racket today. Therefore, i wanna convey my deepest apologize to him. According to him it cost RM 100...
We'll he seemed to be alright. Neway, maybe it had happened for good
We had a blast though, in the badminton court. Thanks to Gayetri's racket, i used tat to play....
After playing badminton we went to fill our stomach with roti canai.
Later, I asked Amin to accompany me to jog at the nearby park. He gave a lame excuss...DOTA
i noe wad tat means!
Then i flew to the park....i met an elderly lady and an old man. They seemed scary at first.

I jogged for 20 minutes...I felt great. Now, endorphins, serotonin and adrenalin is flowin through my body
it feels great..
After the hormonal jog, i rested for a while, the elderly lady n the old man smilled at me
Soon, i noticed that they were Deaf and Dumb(mute)...for more information, google it!
They were using a sort of sign language n a bit of moaning sound
She gestured to me. I understood it at first. She was askin me tat are you alone? Dun u have any friend?
I gestured back unprofessionally, with a moving head which signifies a no...
Then later we were keen in our so called conversation
So, after one moment i decided too ask her age. But i dun have any idea: how do i gesture that!
After that, i perpendicularised my both index fingers and join them to signify a relationship...
She understood it! She quickly gestured into the state of carrying a baby. I understood that she has a baby...
Minutes past, she was energetic and her gesturing n voice become much more bombastic for me to understand and i juz nodded my head. She also ask me to throw my broken racket by doin thumbs down and pointing it towards the dustbin....I did it!
I was totally touch by her spirit. She seemed like an ordinary person. I did'nt sense any sense of remorse from her. I instantly took her as my inspiration. Wish her all the best in her life n guys IF THEY CAN DO IT, WHY CANT WE?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unforgetable Memories

today i went to visit my old house which is at Taman Melor.
It was the place where there are an ample of sweet memories....
I though of my childhood time where there were many sweet memories
All of those memories were like lightning, flashing rite infront of my eyes
the most memorable one was my friends....
we used to play many kinds of traditional games together such as
ting-ting, rounders, belon-aca, hide-and-seek, and in fact we used to play
masak-masak together...(lols)
the most devastating part is when we reunite again, they just turn their faces away,
as they don't know me...Y?
i seriously don't know the reason behind that
It was a bit disheartening...
BUT i never forget that i've better friends now
they are my great source of inspiration.
that are like my family
SMKSP is like my second home. I always love to step into the school...
to see my wonderful friends, and also smart n some beautiful teachers....
People should realize now, life is for unity, loving and helping each other....
Live is wonderful
For those disgrace people, i'll take you as an inspiration...
And i will always remember y'all.....

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I don't think i have to introduce myself much.
I'm just an ordinary guy like anyone else
i have done this blog thing because im feeling a little bored at home
so i've decided to update my blog....
i'll back in the next post
see ya!