Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Madness


...Last nite was like the best nite in my entire life. Seriously! At first we planned to move from home at 6pm, but due to the lack of punctuality, we moved at 7.30. We first went to prayed at the temple and then we rushed to The Zon to get a liquor bottle since its duty free, so it will much more cheaper. Then, everyone went to get the liquor in The Zon, but i didn't follow them coz i wanna explore the party tat was goin on ther.  When i stepped into the Pubs and Bistros area, i was totally shocked. Its been a long time since i have been ther. Its like almost two years. There were so many clubs around from Modestos to Cabanna. Damn, it was really, really cool. Most ppl were partying around. Guess wad, ppl at our age also was clubin. I was like wad the hell, where did they get the money from? Then, i wandered around and took many photographs . I recalled the pass construction in that area. I remembered that there was a Floating Palace on the sea. It has burnt down several years ago. There were clubs ther. I manage to go till the entrance coz i was too young at that time. But now, the place is like THE PARTY place in JB....They took a while to buy the liqour and they got a Vodka and manage to bring it out. B4 tat when we were heading towards the zon, we were stopped by a policewomen. She is a chinese policewomen. Tats a rear site sight. My bro flattered her. She said ''do you know the Malaysia's rules'' coz our car was overloaded with 7 of us in a Proton Saga. We sat ridiculously! haha...but she was a nice women. She left us. lol....


headed towards Danga Bay. We had marvelous fun there, though we were quite disappointed with the Danga Bay authorities becoz there were no firecrakers was burnt last nite. But soon after the clock hits 12a.m we had a blast. The band there. was seriously awesome n cool! They are freakin good! We were astonished by their talent. Again, i did not drink the Vodka much. Juz a few sips. Then after the band ended, we created out own band...haha! We met another Punjabi family n danced with them and an Iranian family. They are wonderful people. They joined us all the way. They even sang an Iranian song for us. It was Crazy, crazy and crazy!!! Reli gila la. Those guys are amazing. Sang all the way till 3am. Then decided to go bac and went to mamak restaurant. Its like the Christmas Party plan....

Its was the best party ever ever. Damn....! Its definitely a good start for the year 2010.

I need to apologize to all of my friends hu texted me. I didn't have credit in my cell.
So that is y i neva reply a single of them. I'm sorry once again. n also thanks for the 3am messages..
Its 2010....yesterday when comin bac from Danga Bay i told to my cousin 'nex year is SPM year' Soon, we burst into laughter and realised its this year!lol...ok its a wake up call...see al of you in skol...bye!!!

Was stuffed in the car

More pics on FB

 i know wad u did last winter Tiger Woods

I hope the tigers out there, gonna accept us with open hands. As we know, 2010 is the year of tiger. Hope great luck, abundance, and prosperity is awaiting us. 2009 has ended in a very beaitiful and deady way. Beautiful - great movie production like Avatar, the Inaguration of Barack Obama, and of course  i've grown bigger and perhaphs handsome(honestly) but The are an ample of deathly stuff. Becoz that's wad we tend to focus to. Deathly-Michael Jackson's horrying death, a big fight in skol which involved kids.....u noe kids...haha, the economy crisis, and not forgetting the legendary golfer Tiger Woods who has a great sexual addiction which induces him to have countless bitches..hmmm, tats another word for mistress. Thats all i can conclude bout 2009. Wad else huh?....

Owh yea...i forgot bout 2009 new-invasion. I was introduced to the world of blog. Its an inspiring thing that was the most-talk-about thing in skol. U noe those blog fights. Huh! Susah la tu semua. But after all, we are all friends....Another great thing was i got a new computer during the mid-year PC fair. 'She' is now not well now. Currently havin a brain infection... Overall 2009 is a wonderful year. more thing. In dis year, the myth 2012 was proclaimed in the movie 2012. It is a terrying myth. Sceptically, i dun belive the myth. But wad i noe is the condition of our HOME is deteriorating. So my friends plz beautify our home in this upcomin year, 2010 with tress... ok i think thats all.

So i was juz thinkin to blog about movies since i've watch ova 15 movies within the holidays. So i was juz thinkin to be organised in this post.
ok lets get started start....

2009 Movie Reviews
Best Action-Pack-Movie: Taken
Best Animated Movie: Avatar
Best Directed Movie :Avatar
Most Saddest Movie : My Sister's Keeper
Best Novel--->Movie: The Blind Side

Ok thats all for the BESTs...
now the worst movie for 2009. I think its gonna be The Box. The movie story line totally suck, though the emotion of the cast was preety realistic. But sorry i dun judge a movie by their emotion(happy or sad), but based on the authencity and the rarity of a movie.

One more thing, The more anticipating movie of 2010 its gonna be Iron Man 2. I'm havin high hopes for this movie. Alright then, 2010 is a SPM year for me. Doesn't mean that i cannot party or enjoy my self. I juz hv to manage my time well. Okay guys, all the best for the upcomin year!
one more last thing.
Guys sorry for wateva i've done to y'all.
Wateva it is? Anything that might hurt ur felling
I apologize from the bottom of my heart!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inspiration Comes From Anywhere!!!

dis is my best shot...
it's inspired by boredomness..
check out more of the pic on my facebook..

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Still partying. Goin now for another party!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Party Is Still On Fire!

On Christmas Day:
Gosh! Was tired actually due to the lack of sleep. But have to go to one of my relative's hse. Went there, damn, the food was good. Bump in to the delicious cookies. Love it! After that, ate all the food that was prepared by my aunt. The roasted pork was delicious. Then, visited her reared chickens behind the area of her hse. At that part, i felt a Kampung feelings. It was cool! There were many of them. Some of them are beautiful. And u noe what, we ate one of them. My aunt cooked a chicken which was chosen from there. Free meat supply! We spent time together with my aunts and uncles. Its reli, reli nice to meet them. Their sense of humour cheer the house. Later on we played cards. Not magic, but coincidentally we watched the encore version of The Simply Magic, Cyril. We were fascinated by his great talent and skills. Then, i juz simply watched the others played 21. LOL After a while, my sis gave me one buck to play. I won and i lost it. Which means i didn't lose anything. But after that i kept my side on my sis. I knew that we will win coz it happens most of the time, when there is my presence(no ego), we'll win! We kept playin and we got Doubles twice and Triple once. Our luck was great. Hmmm no, maybe its design that way. Think!


Felt like Kampung here



The big winner was no one. It was distribited evenly!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

'The Best Ever' Christmas Week

OMG....had a jolly fun within these Christmas week. Great, Great, Great fun....

3 Days Before Christmas:
Was sitin at home and felin bored. Then, went for prayers nearby our hse and paid respect there. After that, planned to go somewhere. Decided to go to Jessica's hse. But she wasn't answering her cell. Then, we went to Oiesh's hse. Jess came ther! So i went bac home with her coz im more comfortable with her. Jess and her mom wanted to go to shop for her Christmas Celebration. Went with her to Danga City Mall. Gosh, it was the best shopping wedding ever i've ever been. It was a cool and soothing shopping coz there were only a handful of people. Its like the Mall was ours. So Jess bought a dress and some other atire. Later on, jess n me went to explore the mall. I was astonish when i saw the upgraded shopping mall which used to be Best World.... Remember? There were Indoor Paintball, Gym, Bowling, Karaoke and many cool shops. We were thrilled coz we didn't noe those stuffs exist in JB. Huh...our curiousity pays off! Jess also bought Christmas Presents for her relatives. Overall she spent about RM 1500. Hmmm ok its juz figures. No big deal. It was a cool day!

Sorry jess. Was unshaven here....

2 Days Before Christmas:
We entralled to the mysterious world. Of course Avatar lah...Watch it at CS, As usual, that's our movie spot. The movie was wonderful and fantastic movie. So far i've heard one feedback from a guy sayin tat the movie is suck. He is juz an arse....Stupid, asshole, dumbass....Dun watch movie nex time since u duno how to judge a movie. Well forget that ass. I think the movie is gonna be the next Titanic. Its gonna be a big movie. High-five James Cameron!

 I admire them...The imagine-nator is great!

Eve of Christmas:
Reli didn't realize it was eve of Christmas. Noticed at the dusk. We was conter-striking all the day. Cousins came down. Obviosly im nt a good gamer, so mostly i became the spectator. Played until evening. Then decided to go to Jusco. But can't coz no transport and lack of Money. So we walked to Perling Mall. All shits were there. So went to take photograph pasport size for my cousin coz he is goin to NS. Then, walked till our skol together to go to Oiesh's hse. Didn't realize when we reached ther coz we kept talkin and camwhoring throughout the way, Spent time ther bout 20 mins, then headed bac home by cab. He cheated us, asshole. Damn! reached home. Cousins went bac. Got ready for movie, but i suggested my sis and bros to go for a party. They agreed. We went to Danga Bay. The crowd ther was crazy!!! Everyone was spraying the Party Spray at each other. It was insane man! Mostly there were chinese guys. Neway, they made a blast. Then, later decided to go to the seaside Bistro. Ordered 8 bottles of beers. I juz took a sip. Tats all. The rest were drunk. Sang along with the live band....They were great. Indeed great!. We were the only one who was cheering for them. I was camwhoring at the Spraying Party. One part, a group of gal saw me and the were pointing the piston to me, juz about to spray at me. I told them NO!....coz im havin the camera. Eventually, one chinese boy sprayed at me. Gosh, it was inevitable. Neva mine, then....At 12a.m the fireworks burnt into the air.......It was crazy like shit!!!

There's more today...Gonna enjoy with my family...
Love all of my family!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Boring ------> Inspiration

These days im started to feel bored. It doesn't mean that i dun hv to do anything, but most of my daily activities seems uninteresting. Therefore, i ransacked my room drawer and found my camera Canon Digital Ixus's box. I explored it and found some cool stuff. i found the user guide and a few CDs. I went through the user guide and found many obscurity that were the functions of my camera. Soon, I became curious bout the camera. For the next two hours i explored my camera fully and now i can say that i can really do a few cool effects using my camera. U see, I learn something from nothing!....I was very enlighten by that. I continue exploring the box and decided to look into the CDs that are provided. I installed the Ximplify named CD and found out even cooler stuff. Basically, this CD is an online web where i can create my personal website and a blog and so on. I can even sell my photographs there. So, i made a website under my name: It sound really nice but i think it does not gv me an ample of benefits since im not a professional photographer YET... Remember yet!. Then found more CDs and install it and learn more new stuffs.....Enjoy that night with my camera. That's y dun think u dun have enough. Everyone has enough with them. Its juz that they dun noe it! Dun realize it. Dun appreciate it. Dun acknowledge it. Dun explore it. Be content with what u have and automatically u will sense the feeling of satisfaction. Do it now!

Last night, this same thing happened to me. So, i urged myself to sleep. I know it sounds stupid, but u noe desperation could do anything! I thought of the benefits of sleep in order to manipulate my mind. I thought of slepin repair ur skin. U noe, it rejuvenates ur cells and all those health benefits where u can be free from strees. U know wad, It works! Manage to sleep myself, but eventually i woke up after one hour. So thats call a nap where nap also emits many health benefits like it enhances your muscles growth. I'm happy with it, though. So I went to my living room. I lie down on my sofa and listen to my songs collection in my fon. Soon i felt uninterested(no im not gonna use the word boring since it a bad significance) with my state of being. I thought for a second and suddenly i thought of Jason Mraz. I went to my books section wher i kept his DVDs safely which was been presented from my friends. I turn on the TV n played it. It was sharp 00.00. I watched it and i sing sing sing alone with him. It was an amazing feelings. I watched it for 1 and a half hours and I totally felt good. U noe all the hormones are rushing through my body. This so-called boring circumstances are in close relation to the hormonal balance in our body. Therefore, when u are feelin bored, dun say it aloud!. If u do that, ur mind will be completely jam. Instead ask yourself, what makes my hormones to rush? It's activates ur mind to think. Unconsciously, u wil noe it! So lets GET OUT of this circumstaces and LIVE UR LIFE...
Remember to enjoy ur holidays to the max.

I love this photograph!


cool lokin dude...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Lost

It been a satisfying week for me. After comin bac from Ipoh, i've done so many activities that gave me great satisfaction. It's been a wonderful week. Though i've been heart-broken yesterday. Lets talk bout it later. Hmmm, wad i've done last week. Many activies that make me feel occupied. I've been reading books and watchin lots of movies. They are The Blind Site, The Boat That Rocked, The Box, Brothers(halfway-watched) and Zombieland. .The Best-Movie was The Blind Side. Its a great, lovely, touching and beautiful family story. It's also a very sad movie. Sandra Bullock did a great job. She acted as a mother. The storyline also was quite nice. I've been admiring Sandra Bullock since i watch the movie Speed. It is one of the best-action movie i've ever seen!. my instict says that The Blind Side is like My Sister's Keeper.

The worst movie was The Box. I didnt like the movie as the story line was juz a piece of shit. It doesn't make much sense, though. But Cameron Diaz is the real bomb. She is the REAL actress. She acted amazingly as in My Sister's Keeper. I hope she'll be wining an Oscar nex. She should!.

The most humorous movie was The Boat That Rocked. I was laughing my farking ass out. HAHA... Its was so funny. Watch it guys. Get a mate so that u can laugh like shit!
Okay, that is all for the movies review.Should i watch AVATAR on9? I duno.....
Nex I'm gonna talk bout my heart-broken story..

It was yesterday, when i was learning some photography skills in the internet, I saw mom, dad n my bro was garderning. Suddenly i saw my father was cutting a tree. His purpose was to shape up the tree. But eventually he distorted the tree. I was devastated as it was 3-years-old. It was a beautiful young tree. I seriously felt sad about that.....I asked my father y did he do that. But....u noe. He is my dad. Well, he didnt do that deliberately. He didn't manage to shape the tree up. 

 dis was my tree. R.I.P

Today, after my terrible and intense sadness. I decided to completely remove the tree. I did it reluctantly because the view of it is already bad. So i try to pull the stem out of the soil, but the roots was too stong. It has penetrated deeply into the soil. Suddenly, an idea popped out from my mind. Should i buy another plant and plant it?... I immediately called my sis as she is very understanding and instantly shared my idea with her. Without any hesitation, we quicky ran to catch mom to be our driver. Mom agreed. We shot off to the Camar Nursery to get a plant. Lastly we left there by buying three types of species and fresh soil. One of them was a christmas tree.(I duno wads the scientific meaning) We spent RM 35(its a cheap hobby). So, headed bac home, rearrange the plants and found space to plant the new ones. Finally, i felt happy with my plants. I wiil never, never, never, ever let anyone to touch my plants again. I treat them like my friends. I love and feed them everyday. So now juz need to wait for them to grow. Thats all, i think. I need to go now. Another book is waiting for me. Bye.....

B4 dis. Now they are also distorted. Waitin for them to grow again. Intense patients needs to be manifest...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


today is such a tiring day.
mornin-went to play badmtinton
afternoon-lepaked at home ffirst, then went to cs to watch movie. Went there, plan cancelled coz our timing is
                not aligned with the show. Decided to wander around. We walked for 4 hours. Ate at Season's
                since the price is very reasonable and stomach-fulling.
evening-   went bac home. resting now.....

from left: Anil, Baswin, Pelvin, Shaun
Thanks cousins for everything. Really appreciate it.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Crazziest Wedding Ever

The wedding celebration was awesome. We had a splendid time together. Met all of my relatives after about a year. There are many huge transformations on their looks. Some of them put on weight, whereas some lost weight. Is a sort of a hectic n enjoyable 5-days. We enjoyed like shit and the wedding arrangement was perfect. But there was a lot controversies during the wedding. Though, it all went nicely. After all, we had a great fun! Now im gonna list down wad we've done during the wedding:

Started our journey to ipoh at 4.30a.m. in the morning. It was my dad's idea. We woke up easily as we were thrilled to go to Ipoh. Mom cooked Nasi Goreng which was delicious. We ate it throughout the journey. This saved us alot. It was mom's idea...The journey was wonderful. I enjoyed the splendour view throughout the journey. The palm trees made me proud of my country. I also enjoyed lokin at the beautiful mountains. It was so satisfying. Every second i enjoyed. It soothes my eyes....

This was wad i'm talkin bout! 'reflectors'
On of the best thing during the journey was the empty road in the morning. The road was clear. It's hard to find this state of the road especially in Perling. It is like a huge relief. We don't need to suffer from the traffic jam. The next thing i admire was the tiny like 'reflectors' along the highway. I duno wads tat called exactly. Moreover, the roads were upgraded. There are three lanes now, unlike last time, there used to be only two lanes. The spacious road enable the drivers to speed their cars. Unfortunately, my dad does not like to speed. He maintained the speed about 80-100 all the way. So the velocity is small. Although dad's driving was slow, we enjoyed the wondeful journey. It took us about 7 hours. Our asses felt bad. And our legs were ached.

During the way, we were navigated by my sis's cell. I track down our journey all the way. We travelled from the south to north. I remember of Pn Soh on the way when i spotted TASEK. Remember? It is the biggest cement production in M'sia. I was excited. So reach there at 12.30. Was slightly late coz went to my dad's hometown at Tanjung Malin. Ate brunch there.

Partied again. Had a tradisional event. Y'all wil never noe if i say if. We left the elderlies to perform it. Let me say bout it a bit. In this event, one of the bridegroom's aunt must be dressed into a male and imitate all the characteristics of the male. There have to go to table-by-table to demand money from the men. Dis is a cool event. It was fun!Let me gv u the pic of how it looks...

Get it? LOL

He's cousin's son
The moment of truth. My cousin got married in Kajang Temple. It was so crowded. The photographers was fantastic. Every second they captured! They were so busy and they were wandering around and sometimes they look like flying bees.I adore them. THEY ARE GOOD! Saw the pitcures taken by them. It was perfect. They are the real profesionals. Every pitcures is stylishly taken.


The bride and the bridegroom

After that, traveled to Ipoh. Had a magnificent time in the bus. We sang, dance, camwhored throughout the journey. It took us three hours to reach to Ipoh. It was a tiring journey as i was sitting at the rear sit and it was very bouncy. By the time we reach ipoh we rush to bed coz we only got 2 hours sleep before that night coz the girls and the ladies woke up at 2a.m to dress. They invited a make-up artist. For a person it took about 30 minutes. There are about 10 over people. So it took them a long time...

In the bus
I would call him face-cheater

After the make-up, the girls looks so different. This made me realize of the celebrities faces which i used to adore. Its all fake. The most ugliest face can be transformed into the most beautiful face! The night went on great.


Dis was the day everyone has been waiting for. It's the wedding dinner. As i've mention in my previous post that i bought the perfect outfit. Indeed, it was! I really love it. I got tons and tons of praises. It was nice to hear. Though i did not forget the word 'thank you'. I was mentioning it all the time. The party was awesome. About 2000 people attended the party. Some unluckily people didn't get any seat........ Well, it was held in Red Cresent Hall.

The Hall
The hall started to be filled at 6.00.p.m. Thank god we need not to be worried about the seats coz it has been reserved for us. I arrived there at 7.p.m. It was half fulled. I ate the bites which was served. It was damn nice. After that, enjoyed the performance there. There was one performance from a belly dancer named Aiza. She is great hoofer. They way she shake and move her body was mesmerizing. The men was cheering for her. She is hot as well.LOL.

The hoofer!

On the way to the hall
Later on, we kept eating. When the dance floor opened, we burnt the stage. We danced for hours. It was wonderful. And i comwhored like shit. ENJOY, ENJOY and ENJOYED....more to come
cant wait for the wedding on the nex month which is this bridgegroom's bro. It is gonna be cool!
I LOVE punjabi wedding. U guys gotta see a punjabi wedding out there. It is really really fun.
ok then,
bye for now!

The rest of the photograph, check out on my facebook profile

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm watchin you, CALORIE!

It's time to burn down some calories and get goin on the road. I've gotta strengthen up muscles to get in shape. I must neva strart tomoro, its all starts now! I've to get started now! I mean NOW! Actually i've been inspired by The Biggest Loser Asia Programme. Its an inspiring show. The contestants struggle to burn down their fats with various type reason where all of them share ONE goal-lose weight. Asian are really hard working, after comparing to the western series of The Biggest Loser. They are well-determined. So we are! The today's voted-out contestant was the perfect choice as the voters gave a similar reason-she could do it by herself. Tats the point! This show is all about getin inspiration and determination from the trainer. And i gotta admit that the host n the female trainer are gorgeous. The are in the fit shape. Not excluding the male trainer. He's also lokin strong. But the female trainer is not good enough to convince her trainees to work hard. That's her week point. Overall, the trainers are good n i wish them good luck!. Currently, i'm on Ken's(biggest guy) site. I hope i got his name right. He is physically strong but mentally weak. He is figuring himself out and tryin to manage his diet regime. GO GO KEN!, get that Thick-double-Chin off. Make it as Doubled-Chin. Get it?

Well i had a problem findin Rafael Nadal's pic. I searched the pitcure through Yahoo by typin-'A Fit Boy'. Stupidly, it came out many underwear pics....LOL. Try tat out and make sure the 'save search' is turn on, if not it'll be worst. Neway, i came out with dis pic from google then. RAFAEL is cool!

In the afternoon, i was freakin bored, so i photoshopped! I search Aiswarya Rai's pic n Jessica Alba's. I tried to blend their pitcures together n it took my whole afternoon, coz at first the editing was perfect! But suddenly my PC turned off. I persevered and did it again. Lets take a look at it.......

The Gorgeous Aiswarya Rai

The sexy Jessica Alba

and what should i name her now.......hmmm.......Alba Rai?

Well, i enjoyed doin this stuffs. Its interestin, u now. Hmmm i juz wanna play badminton. I juz need a fix partner. Dun ask bout my bro coz he is not a die-hard fan of Badminton, i'm really really searchin one.
Thank god Amin n Qayum are there. Most of the time ill play with them. But three of us usually play together, thats a bit difficult! But we always enjoy our game as we will crack our stomachs with laughter. Ok, planin to play badminton tomoro. It all depends on the circumstances. GTG then.....