Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Splendid Day

So far, my day turn out to be wonderful today. When i woke up in the morning, my cousin was bringing my computer back home! I'm so excited. She is in the pink of health, now. And the best thing is nothing was deleted from my computer. I mean the photos, songs and my personal data. OMG, to my greatest astonishment, it was all fine. Perfectly fine! I'm so glad. It's a good morning-start. Then, got dressed to go to see the Thaipusam celebration at the glass-temple which is the first glass temple in Asia, i think! It's beautiful. I was stunned when i saw the newly-build temple. The structure was beautiful. There were many photographers there. But i think money rules the temple. If u wanna keep ur shoes also there will be charges. WTH? And when i entered the temple, i started taking photos, then i noticed that i need to pay RM 3. I juz did it! However, it was really beautifully constructed. I enjoyed going there as it was my first time.

Its beautiful!

After that, we continued to the part wher the ceremony took place. It was when kavadi(the thing which the devotees carry) procession goes on. Enjoy looking at those beautiful Kavadis. One thing that made me happy, there were not only the indians, the chinese and also the malays joined the celebration too. It's a multi racial festival. It was a wonderful sight to see. Not forgetting the free drink that was being offered to everyone. There was tons and tons of drinking water. The best drink was Lassi, a traditional drink made by yogurt. OMG, i think, i drank about 5-6 cups. It was very tasty as i dun drink it always. After that, the crowd got worst and it was so congested to walk. But we manage to slip by the people and went to eat. Food and Drink was FOC. The food was marvelous. Everyone got to eat. Saw the rice that they cooked. Its A LOT!......... AND i saved a hen there in the middle of the crowd by returning it to the owner.
The crowd was crazy
Later on, continued watchin the procession. It was all nice. Met a few friends. On the way back decided to go to Danga City Mall coz there was something goin on there. Roam around and bump into a tiger and  snakes. There happened a history. For the first time of my life i touch a cub and a snake. It's a pleasant feelings. Wanted to take photo with the tiger but decided nt to coz his trainer was charging RM 20 for juz a photo. Damn, that was a cut-throat! Somehow, i managed to take one photo without him, noticing. I asked the trainer, it was an indian man-how old is this cub, he answered 6 months.  So i kept asking him questions and at one point he told me that '' you go and read yestersay's Star newspaper, all about me is written there''. I was like, what a trainer. His high degree of ego made me to move away from him. And the most stupidest thing he did was by counting his money at the middle of the crowd. Shameless ass. He juz took out a bunch of notes from his pocket and started counting it!....

u see?
lovely cub
Then, on the way back home went to visit Harvinder in the hospital. She is not well. Get well soon, Harvinder. She;s being treated well at Johor Specialist!

Now at home and feeling very tired. Got lots of stuff to do with my newly-arrived computer. Mainly upload photos. Haha. I'll get that done ASAP. Alright, byes.............

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Island

Today attended my cousin's wedding in Singapore. It was quite interesting coz the wedding was done the Hindustani way- where the bride and the bridegroom will turn around the fire, something like that, as in the hindi movies. It's the first time i seeing it live. It was cool! Then ate and came back home. This is the most relaxed wedding. It was slow and steady, though we had fun.....That's all!

Bro n me


Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Downs-HAITI

First of all, deep condolences to the Sultan of Johor and thanks for the holiday.
Hope the new one will serve us well.

The earthquake at Haiti is unimaginably terrible. I'm devastated with the destruction. The buildings destruction is the worst one i've ever seen. God, please help them. I juz wish i could go there and help them. I can't help them much, but my prayers is with them.

Lately, i spoke to a friend about this. The reply from that person made my heart sank to the bottom. He said that they deserve it! I was like WTF. OMG there are bodies lying around there like nobody bussiness. They are lying there like rubbish. Even the bodies that are lying there has not been claimed by their family members. On the other day, i accidently tune my TV channel to CNN. I watched the recorded scene which was taken in Haiti. OMG. It was like war-zone. People was wadering around and homeless. There were hundreds of dead bodies around and people couldn't do much. They were too many. Most people got 'use to' with the surrounding. In every corner, noises of help can be heard from children and elderlies. I felt so bad when i watched it. Tears filled my eyes. I am helpless, so do they. Are they paying back for their sins? Do they DESERVED this catastrophe? DO THEY? Certainly not. We are not god to judge them. Juz do our part. For this, lets say a prayer for them...

Dear lord, please save those innocent kids in Haiti,
Their families and friends,
Please end this nightmare,
return the kids' their beds and toys,
their love ones,
their mother, father,
shoe, pencil, clothes, and HOUSE.
Mother Nature, sympathize them.
I know you can make a difference.

It's all up to you. I felt really bad for what had happened to them.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, our country Malaysia did nothing! Malaysia, do something. Give some help. Any help can save at least one person. So dun think that that the destruction is too bad,or already done a big damage. People are still dying, and people are still being rescued.I really wish i can go there now and help them. I WISH! I've heard this saying before life is not fair. Maybe its true.......also, really glad what are the celebrities are doing. They are donating money as well as promoting their prominence to get donation. Keep it up, guys. And Sandra Bullock thanks for the 3-million.

wait..mama is comin to get u..

'look at my hse'

can u compare ur make-up with mine?


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eradicate The Camouflage

*to everyone who is reading this post. plz don't get insulted as this is juz my point of view. thanks*

After reading the 'church burning' articles. I decided to write. This circumstances is getting from bad to worst. Why? Some uneducated bastards had misunderstood a small word. Doesn't matter what word is it! The made a hell of a mess. I'm not gonna side any religion or any beliefs. But I'm gonna emphasize on the true meaning of words. First of all, where does words come from?(ask yourself) It has been created by this so-called 'humans' which has been created by humans. Get it? What i'm trying to say is that, why do we fight for the thing that we have done? Why do we covet for the things that does not belongs to us, but belong to the world. Why why? All the 'WHYs' answers are attached to us. So grow up and realize. Ask yourself.

I was totally devastated when i juz read the article on the internet. 2 more churces has been burn down. Those are wasted infernos. Initially, this exasperation has been caused by a misunderstanding on the word Allah. I seriously convey my respect to this word as i noe that this word is very sacred towards the muslims. But in direct translation to the arab language, the word Allah denotes god. So doesn't matter you call god by  god, Allah, The Supreme Being, Your Highness or any other words. But we all noe that it's present(excluding the sceptics). So why creating a hell of a mess? Burning down churches juz because of one word. I understand that the Muslims felt defeated and disapointted with this situation. But do they have to burn down churches(not refering to all Muslims) to overcome this problems. I know that there are many 'politic things' goin on at the high court. But who cares. We are all knowledgeble religiously. I believe that in the holy book of the Muslims, there are restricted to commit these horrible act.

My main massage is to banish this current mentality that we have! Uncover the camouflage. It's just like our selves. Can we define ourselves? Try....I'll give you a i'm a good person, etc.....
If u have defined urself, it means that you are creating an identity of yourself. You are yourself. You are not others. You are just you. If you are trying to define yourself, it means that you are creating a camourflage on yourself. Juz let it be, Let you be you! Dont think much, juz be you.

That example, exactly could be compared to the 'words' misunderstanding. So, in a conclusion, STOP fighting over words and and live your life. There are many great this you could do! As what Marina Mahatir told, 'Even in the al-Quran is written that muslims are not allowed to destroy any religious place'. Thanks for the realization. I'm sure, she has opened some blind-folded eyes. I wish there are hundreds of political influences like her.
Anyway, I've heard that people saying not to trust politicians. Okay, lets make it clear, try to look at the bright side frequently. That's it! Then you will realize and be aware of the beauty of the world. I have some friends who have come to the state of realization. I'm so happy with their success. It's a success. I hope more people will understand about the world and 'words' does not define everything. Love yourself and the others. If y'all wanna fight, fight for Global Warming! Which is a major global problems that we're facing. Burn the jungle invaders out!

I hope the inferno won't cause any chaotic circumstances in my lovely country, Malaysia. Don't spoil her, citizens. That doesn't mean that any misunderstanding or confusion must be eliminated. NO! It can be discussed and by perpetual action. Everything can be solve. And also to all my friends out there, it doesn't mean that we must not bother of what is goin on in our country, we must know and find a solution to solve it. It;s ours.

Overall, lets spread the love and convey our deepest respect towards all religions-Punjabi, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, that's all I knew and all others that's exists.

If dis innocent child knows what respect is? Why can't we?
(took dis pic when she gave me this pose, suddenly)

If one needs respect, one must respect the others first!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adrenalin is Cool

Since last wednesday. i've been rushing everywhere, like to school, tuition, school and tuition again, Started from wednesday, i was so late for Add Math tuition. I was afraid that i will not get a strategic place or the teacher might start teaching. I did not wan to miss any topics. So, we rushed from home at 5.30 and reached there at 5.40. We made it. He haven't started anything yet! But my heart was pounding and and my body was filled with adrenalin. At first, it's a bad feelings of havin it. It's like your anticipation increases from the bad one to the worst one. But i managed to calm myself. When i reached to tuition, it felt nice, actually. It's like a total-calm feelings. I think that's the effect of adrenalin.

On thursday, we were late for physics tuition agian! Rushed again to reach in time. Again, managed to make it! This time the adrenalin doubled. Initially, the feelings was totally bad. But once i'm in tuition, i felt really good. Manage to understand teacher's teaching. He's quite good. Therefore, i have to neglect the other people's perceptions on him.

Well, today, The Open Day of the school. Last night, we planned to go at 11am. Unfortunately we woke up at 11.18am. I saw the time exactly(according to a source). Then i woke up and ironed my uniform and flied to the bathroom. Gosh it took me juz a matter of minutes, but my body is clean. After that, got dressed! And by sharp 11.30, i was ready. I reckon tat this is my fastest dressing time. It was freaking fast! Then, mom, for the first time drove so fast on the road and by 10 minutes we were in school. Met class teacher, no complains, obviously coz she is new to us. Then mom wanted to meet Pn. Puspha. She said that my bro n me looks like stars. See said we have the looks. It blushes my brother, but not me and my bro answered 'after SPM' which meant he will persue his career in acting. lol. Overall, i'm satisfied with my results. And of course i will not take this results into consider much. Have to work hard now!

OK. lets go back to the adrenalin. Now, i'm feeling nice......It's like the feeling u have after havin a workout! It's satisfying. Totally. From this analysis, i found out that adrenalin makes people feel good. But scientifically, i duno the real reason behind that. But i think its in form 5 syllables.

i wanna play badminton today. I'ts been long time since i played, last. Callin people around.....

Ok i wanna rest. Bye.

Funny People...

This is the second time im blogging today. Juz feel like doin it! It's fun doing.

Well, juz came back from tuition. Went to tuition at 5.30pm, came bac at 10. I attended to 2 tuitions today, Chemistry and Add math. It was really cool. Daniel Tan you rocks! Balwinder u are freaking cool! I'm conveying my deepest gratitude towards god for giving me such an extraordinary people in my life. I'm so pleased with my tuition Teachers. School teachers are also undescribeably good! My Lai you are smart! I mean really smart. He is a wonderful teacher as well. But i can't deny that you have a unpleasant voice. But are we gonna learn his voice or his knowledge? Think. I think so far he is the best teacher. Not forgetting, other teachers-ALL- no exceptions.

Hmmm the most funniest discussusion today in my hse was ways of treating acnes. My bro sort of havin minor acne problem. So we're discussing the ways of treating it. Of course, mailny it comprises of eating healthyly. A balanced diet with an ample vitamins. But suddenly superstition interupted. Bro told me that a malay superstition says that putting mucus on ur agne may cure it! Sound totally absurd. At least, this sounds better that the next superstition. The next one has been proclaim by my sister, according to her that rubbing underpants on your agne will cure it! totally unacceptable...haha. She actually knew it from her malay friend. That's aweful even when you hear it.  Superstition are unaccepted in real life. Maybe if you are desperate, you will do it!

Tryin to call Fly Fm now. Wanna really request a song named Prettiest Friend by Jason Mraz. Really wanna hear that song. Now, im takin a break. Not gonna revise anything. Gonna on9ling. if i have the mood later, maybe i'll study. Ok then, bye!

The School That Rocks!

OMG...School life is insanely awesome. I'm enjoying in school every second. Going to school signifies superiority, for me. I'ts like we're on top of the world(without ego).

We'll its been a long time since i felt the intense sleeping feeling. U know that kind of feeling will show up when we don't get enough of sleep. I'm trying to get use to my new sleeping time. I know i can bear with it! After school started, my timing is always packed! I managed to sort it out perfectly, until yesterday which i left my homework because i had a nauseous feelings. But thank god it stayed in my stomach! Now, im eating healthily. I'm eating sufficient of vegetables, fruits and a well-balanced diet. And for your information, my favourite vege is Broccoli and my favourite fruit is Tomato and Papaya. Its delicious. It's taste can't beat any other food! Love it!

Last night as i told you that i was havin a nauseatic feelings. I quickly slept straightaway.When i was about to sleep. I touched my heart. I felt it, when i was perfectly relaxed. I felt my heart pumping. U noe, its a wonderful feelings. Then, i felt more, penetrated my mind into it! I imagined my atria, ventricles, aorta, capillaries, veins and arteries. Its like studying a bio book. Exactly! So after that, i felt asleep. For me its one of the best night!
OKOK gtg
got tuition later

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I had a party at my hse last saturday. It was a blast! But i over-drank all the acidic drinks like wine, coca cola, orange and etc. So, yesterday, i got a terrible gastric pain. It attacked me after a day as the food began churning in my stomach. I suffered with the acidic stomach seriously, but now im better. Its juz that i have a little hangover. Well i could bear with it!
2010 School Session begins today. I was freaking excited to go to school. Met my friends and teachers. Thank god K.X kept me occupied during the assembly. We spoke bout movies and our future career. Learn today the difference between psychology and psychiatric. According to my bro, psychology is the study of human mind. Its like penetrating into their mind and studying their mental ailments. On the other hand, psychiatric is the study of medicine which can be used to treat the mental patients. Something like that. I hope you got the point. Its definitely not accurate. To know more, google it!

So today i'm declared as 5 Science 1 student. And also i remained as the Class Monitor. I am seriously not upset  because being a Class Monitor makes me responsible and aware of my work. In other words, it trains me to be punctual! I'm also glad to meet all the smiling faces in my class. And also a few new faces. Today, i felt as if im returning to school after a few years. It's like im a new student. Moreover, it's really fun getin back history teacher, Pn Teh. I know some of you don't like her. But i think she is better than the 'cercalatury' teacher. Get it! It's juz for the sake of comparison! Don't go beyond that please.....

Sadly my bro drop to 5 Science 2. Fortunately he's happy with his class, finally. He's telin me that at least there're no 'Shhhhss' in his new class. They treat him nicely. Wish him all the best in his new class.

I'm also satisfied with the school construction. Finally, its all over. Hope we will be transferred to that new building soon. U noe, it's the shiny new toy now!

Skol is cool! Can't wait to go tomorrow. Chow!

What If?

Tomorrow, back to school. Isn't that exciting. I really love to go to school! I would classify school as my second home, and the teachers as my guardians, and my friends as my sibling. Isn't that wonderful. A happy family in a school. Wad else a person needs?

Well, there's no point pledging the plans to do in school. It will happened as it is plan. So, juz go on as wad u hv wished...

Juz now i was juz sitting and reading last November's copy of Reader's Digest. The stories are mainly about our Home. I stopped reading it when i bumped into one of the suggestion sayin that ' What if men can fly?' I thought of it for a socond. Soon, i realized that i was pondering bout that question. What if its true? How would men be like on earth. I guess its not hard to imagine a man with wings. Lets try.................................

I'm sure a winged-man is in ur head now. Definitely! Then, try to imagine how is his living style. Is there any houses? Is there any vehicles that may be existed? Sigh, it seems that the questions are answerable. But it can be pondered, isn't it? Lets think together, what other significant diferences? I think if there is such a winged-man, religions would never existed nor any language! would they speak?

A single alteration in human appearance would make a huge difference in everything! Even if we have another extra hand! Gosh! I think, the global warming problem would be worst! There will be more crimes and and humans will be much more creative as they have to think further one step for the 3th usage of their hand!(based on my perception)

Another question popped out in my mind, What if the entire human race looks exactly the same. I mean in everything, same skin n hair colour, same nose, body hand, and eyes structure. Everything! How are we gonna react towards each other. In that case, its possible to make logical conclusions. We could refer to the DNA knowledge that is held in our hands. If the entire human race is the same, there will not be much genetic variation. Human are more vulnerable. Humans may not suffer from any religions misunderstanding, to be the best , models may nt existed and humans may nt be dressed as everyone looks the same. But then, the life span of a human may be very short. Human may die fast. And our extinction is juz a matter of facing it! Overall, its not a desireable wish. Therefore, people who do not feel content with what they have, dun wish this way to happen. The ramifications is catastrophic!

So, all of these 'What Ifs' questions are sometimes worth to ponder on, as it gives us an idea of how a slight change on something will emit a big impact towards everything.
Its also a way to make our mind active!
The main purpose of this post is to reenergize my brains before i step into the school!
Here i come, school!

One of the last days in school, 2009

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is It Real?

Last night slept bout 1am plus. I dreamt something that triggers my pass memories. I dreamt of my primary school friend. The dream is a very beautiful combination of primary and secondary school. Its like a perfect movie set-up!

He was my best friend when i was in primary 6. After UPSR results, i did a biggest mistake in my life which is leaving the school instantly! I'm freaking regretting it..I didn't even jot down any of my friends numbers nor meeting by teachers and telling them good-bye. I duno y i did it....My stupid act had caused me to lose ALL of my primary school friends. Non of them kept in touch with after that! It was a very sad and dishearting. I miss all of them. Recently i oni met a few of my old friends...

Okay, lets go bac to my dream. I met him at our current high school, SMKSP. He was there. There was an event goin on. Can't really recall it. He met me there and i was astonish to see him there. We fell into tears and i really sense as if it was real! Then, we sat together and kept chatting. And the best thing was, i realize that it is a dream. Isn't that strange. So i decided to 'keep dreaming' in my dream. Plz dun think i'm mad. It really happened. After a while, i noticed that the school is half-primary, half-secondary. Its hard to describe exactly. He looked exactly the same in his appearance....

So now, the question is ' Will it become true'. No one can answer this, obviously. I'm juz hopin to reunite with him soon. For your information he is Akif. Hope to meet you soon!

Lets set the dream aside. Today I woke up at 12.30pm. Hmmm, then of course, no breakfast! Dined with lunch straightaway...Then, i did nothing much, juz connecting the TV wires to my juz- repaired amplifier.  I'm nt good at this but i juz simply trying it. I juz match the wires with their consecutive colours. The results are bad as the sound produced was inaudible. Haha...i think its worth doin it than doing nothing. Later, was siting and browsing the net and i visited National Geography website to sign up as my elder bro was telin me that i can post my pitcures there and if it were chosen by them, i may get $50(US Dolar). I tried. And i was honest in the informations. Eventually, my honestly didn't pay off coz i'm underaged. So i left it. Soon my sis took the charcoal out and and the BBQ stuff coz we are havin a small family gathering tonight. Then, she ate it! I mean she bit and swollowed it. I was like WTH? Mom says its edible....i got no idea wad was mom talkin bout. I tried a bit and it taste like papers. LOL. Well according to Yahoo Answers its good for detoxifying poisons.....I dun noe whether its true or not!

 Well its raining now. Gonna BBQ tonight! But its raining. SO thats y im tryin to figure out how to please the rain god! sacrificing kids? no...Maybe,  praying would help. Okay then, my instict says that the rain will stop by late evening.

Gotta help mom n dad....bye...

Charcoal! dis was the one i ate

My best shot of the day!

There are so many flies hanging on the leaves. I duno wad that means. Its kinda strange!