Monday, February 22, 2010

Lymphocyctes, Please Help Me!

I've been having a terrible cold for the past 2 days. For what I can say is, today I suffered the most. Decided not to skip school, i went to school and encountered my greatest enemy of cold---dust particles! But however, these unstoppable moving thing is unavoidable. Lets look at the bright side now. Firstly, I'll develop an immunity for this type of virus which is unknown. That's why I'm watching for my body defense mechanism to fully react. Plz make it fast. Secondly, I get to sneeze a lot, and that's a great feeling. I don't know why I love to sneeze, but what i know that it makes me feel good....Next is, I can sleep all day long. What I really meant is you can sleep with no worries as you know that you have to sleep to get some rest. So, partly, that's a peace of mind.

But the worst part is-----consuming medicine! I hate medicine. But I will not show my ego towards medicines because I need some supplements to help my body and organize a perfect troop system. Neway, it's temporary. Now, I'm just waiting for my immune system to fully react and eradicate all these bacteria/viruses that has attacked my body. On the other hand, I also wanna be fully immunized by this bacteria/virus.


Since I'm not feeling well now. Lets blog about something.

A few days back, I asked my mom, How Will The Future Generation of Parenting React to Their Kids? This question caught my attention. Okay, lets consider for the time being. Now, our parents or grandparents say to us is usually about the Dos and Don'ts. Right? And also some superstition like wash your leg after coming back home at night, and so so on. You know there are hundreds or perhaps millions of them. So, this is the 'now generation parenting'. During our generation, what do you think We will do?

Are we gonna say the same thing as what our parents/grandparents used to say. Partly yes. But what about the superstition and our mentality. Superstition may deplete as time passes. Or don't tel me that a new superstition will develop like don't play PSP at night, the 'hantu' will hunt you down. HAHA! I would term this as the High-Tech Superstition. Lets get to the point. What are we really gonna say? Juz for an example your grandchild ask you that he wants to go to the club. Of course you will say, yes, yes! OR maybe one will say, I'll come along... Now you get what I'm trying to say!

These mentality difference differs everything in terms of parenting. Our generation mentality will be very different. We may let our kids to have a girlfriend or boyfriend easily. Because we totally understand bout it. It's mentality again. We may also allow our kids to loiter with their friends without much restriction.

One more thing, what are we gonna talk with our kids/grandchildren when there's free time. Are we gonna talk about their peers/, gf/bf, party, latest technology? I think, the best thing in the future will be musical understanding. Now, the oldies songs is still being heard by most of the old people. By our generation, people will not give a damn to ABBA anymore. And for what i know is more LADY GAGAs will exist. They will be the next Celine Deon, Whitney Houston and perhaps The Beatles.

Well, all in all, it's just my perception. I think this is what gonna happen in the upcoming generation. But this situation can be contrasted directly with the westerners. I think they have been doing this---having these kind of mentality. The ramifications is great&bad. It can be seen by their horrifying lifestyle. There are the Pros and Cons. Therefore, it's time to realize that we are the future architect of our generation. I think it's important to take this into account. Okay, I've been blabbering to much....Bye

Song of the day: Avatar-Becoming One Of Us
Its freaking nice. Listen to it on youtube.
Must listen music of the year!
Mama, what is scrotum?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water---Droplets or Water---Fall

CNY week has been a great week for me. I've been enjoying + studying for the past days. Studying, in terms of having those continuous thoughts in my mind so that my interest in studying will not loss it's appetite. On the other hand, I had a great fun as well. But, eventually, this is not the REAL fun that I usually experienced! I've been very, very tired for the past week due to the lack of sleep. My sleep deprivation has showed me it's true colours. I never thought that I will be lethargic and in the situation of utter exhaustion! Well, starting on last Monday, I've been getting enough of sleep. Now, I can feel halo of the day clearly and enjoy my daily activities. Based on my experience, lack of sleep causes
  1. tiredness
  2. loss of mood to study, read, play games, etc...
  3. increase in appetite(honestly)
  4. depressed!
  5. giving up in everything
  6. demotivate of oneself
These are the feeling of sleep deprivation. Well what I've also learn is that I CANNOT sleep less than 8 hours. I mean if i do, for sure, I'll be having those effect that is stated above. But I still gonna try my very best to get use to this schedule.

Last Monday, my family and I went to Kota Tinggi Waterfall. At first I didn't want to go, but after intense persuasion I went! As it was anticipated, the trip was boring as not many relatives came along. Moreover, when we reached there, we noticed that the water was less. I mean that the waterfall that is flowing, flows with an amount of water which is not as it used to be. So the feelings of excitement was not present. However, there were no other choice than dumping in the water. The water was freezing cold! Due to homeostasis,we managed to get 'used to' it. We spent about 6 hours. One thing that I enjoyed was the food. There were a variety of food cooked by my aunts. You know after swimming, we grabbed the food and stuff them in our mouth. It was delicious!

Well, i woke up early this morning, even i slept late last night. I'm gonna take a rest in the afternoon just to cover up my schedule. I know everything is gonna be alright!

Well, song of the day is Redemption Song by Rihanna. This song was first sung by Bob Marley. It's Rihanna rendition of the song. It's actually a tribute to the catastrophe taht stroked Haiti!
God Bless Them
I took it from my hand-phone camera. Sadly i brought my camera but left the memory card in my computer!
took dis beautiful shot when we're heading back home

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sigh.....It's been one week I did not get sufficient of sleep. I was very busy with my school work and I was tired because of some intense exercise. I know this will not last for a long time, It will get better once I continue to exercise regularly! Last night, I got a good night sleep. My body cells which are not recovered has been doing good now. I'm felling much better. So, holiday has began. What's the plans? Definitely not going for a holiday or vacation. Need to revise my studies--form4 & 5. It's not an easy task, i know! But perseverance will solve the problem. Need to finish my ICSS up to Chapter 3, need to do all my Physics tuition's exercise that teacher has given to me. Didn't start it at all! Need to finish up my Tatabahasa, did nothing since the Kesalahan Tatabahasa homework. Not forgetting, Moral Folio, and yesterday's essay. My main goal for the holidays is to finish my homework, ALL!

For my entertaintment, I'm gonna watch Valentine's day within this week. Mainly is to see The Taylors--Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift! Wanna examine their chemistry. And of course to feel the excitement of the Love Week. Well, really need to organise my time well.

And I have make a point. I'm not gonna try to talk or to 'work on' on the people who hates me! F off. Juz leave me alone. I wanna concentrate on my wanting. Instead, gonna focus on my achievements. I have hundreds, maybe millions of other friend. YOU do not decrease my friends populations. Leave those idiots alone.

Neway. nothing much I'm gonna say. Enjoy your holidays to the max. To the Chinese, I'm waiting for your invitation. Happy New Year to y'all!

Lastly,  need to introduce one song to all of you, It's by Ceryl Cole ft Will.I.Am., named 3 words. Listen to this song. It's a love song... \
Signin off............SUNIL

Monday, February 8, 2010

Joyous Week!

Last Saturday, 6 of February,

I had a unpredictable week which has turn out to be super fun and adventurous! Last Saturday, I went to school as to replace it with CNY holidays. Skol was pretty much the same as the chinese in my class kept makin decorative stuff to decorate the class and the school hall. Their excitement never ends! Well, most of the time I spent my time doin homework in skol to finish it up so that it would be easy for me, later on. Then an idea popped out on my mind. I thought of cycling in the afternoon. Since i don't have a bicycle I went to Afiq to discuss about this matter. He said that he has 4 bicycles but he is not so sure about their conditions. But he is quite sure that 2 of them are in a good shape. So it was a deal! I will be borrowing his bicycle. Suddenly, Amin heard our conversation and he decided to joined in. Then, Qayum, Suresh and lastly, my bro. It was the most anticipating part. I knew that we are gonna have a great fun.

I slept a while and mom left us to Jessica's hse to borrow her bicycle coz there was a bit of change of plans. Once i got it, i played for about 10 minutes and after that, the rain pours. I was so, damn upset. But i kept myself positive that the rain will stop. I kept sayin that to myself! And it did. I waited for nearly 40 minutes for the rain to stop. Soon, we met together, altogether 6 of us, Amin, Qayum, Termit, Suresh, Afiq and me, and we started out journey. We planned to go to Horizon Hills.

Reach there after one hour. To our greatest astonishment, there were places where we hv never, I mean never seen b4 in this area. I was like OMGsssss. Shit man! It was a spectacular view. And there were hills around us as the place of the name is Horizon Hills. We tried to go to the hilltop and we made it! For us, it was one of our greatest challenge!
Believe It or Not?

At the hilltop, we were getting late so we rushed back home! I can say that the bicycle that i was using which was jessica's, was the fastest among everyone's. I rode the bicycle very, very fast! It was a great experience. We reach home about 7.20. Overall, it took us about 1 hour 50 minutes journey. It was worth spending that time!

My Rules For Cycling
  1. Never look back when you are cycling, especially on the main road.
  2. Never get panic when you are lost.
  3. Try not to avoid holes on the tarmac as vehicles are passing around.
  4. Last but not least,enjoy your ride!

Yesterday, Monday 8 of February,

The day of Larian Perling@Merentas Desa. Was so excited to go. Went at 2.30pm and the crowd was satisfying coz i thought that only a handful of students will attend. I'm glad there are still reliable students in school. At first, we warmed-up with a few great songs. Starting from there, the fun began! By 3.15pm, the race started. As usual some egoistic students ran when the race started. After 200m the were breathless. Haha. I ignored all the runners who ran faster than me. I kept a constant speed all the way! I knew tat i would cut them. Most of them, i managed to. I was also feeling so thirsty during the run as the weather was blazing-hot. Thank god, one of the rescuer gave me water while i was running, Later on, Bobby also gave me. Lastly, managed to get no 26! Was satisfied.
The Faces of Champions

After the run, I decided to cycle around. Took Jessica's bicycle and cycled for about 10 sec from Qayum's hse and it broke down. I could not peddle anymore! DAMN.. I was so scared since I only have RM 4 in my pocket. Neway, I took the bicycle to the nearest bicycle shop. There, i told them what was the problem. Then, one man treated it. I duno what he did. I asked the lady over there how much would it cost. First, she said RM 8. Then, after talking some shits, she said RM 18. What the shit, lady? Stop shitting with me. I'm not born, yesterday. She quickly took of a receipt for me. Then, i made up a story and managed to go of from that place. While I was leaving the shop. The bicycle was perfectly alright! I was so happy! But the screws and all was not tighten. However, i decided to go to that shop again to tighten it back. This time the boss was there and he demanded RM 5 from me. Helplessly, i gave him RM 4, tats all I have. I ask him then what if, what you were sayin juz now happened? He said that the bearing or some shits comes in a set and he said it cost RM50+. From there, i knew that they are the real cheaters. So to everyone, don't go to that shop. It is located at the Pizza Hut row. They made my life miserable!

By that time, it was already 6.40 and i decided to run back home. Literally, i ran! By time I got home, I have to do gardening. I took another 40 minutes to do it! By 8pm i was half-dead! I jumped on bed at 9.20pm.

Today, Tuesday 9 of February,

Just now, i woke up at 6am, i brushed my teeth, ate bread and drank tea, and wanted to setup my timetable. I was reluctant to go to school, but i thought tat i really need to go. So I asked my bro today's timetable. After analyzing it, I decided to skip school today.
Now I'm resting at home!.........

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Love My Life

Life's Brief Candle, says William Shakespeare. Undeniably it's true. But it that means life is full of sorrowness and hatred? Definitely no! I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare but i have to learn his masterpieces in school. Well, I can say that so far my life is great. But i still dun see any sense from Shakespeare's Life's Brief Candle.Well, let bygones be bygone.

At last, what i've been dreaded, for the last few weeks--)photo uploading. My cousins and friends keep asking me to upload photos on Facebook. Therefore I've taken this opportunity to upload all the photos at once. Thank god to the new type of uploading that is present on Facebook. It's so fast!.....So, mission accomplished!

School was cool today. Had a fun time with teachers and friends. Something new happened today. I started to use a pencil box, for the second time in the secondary school history(used last when i was form 1). I think its a good decision because I dun need to borrow stationary from my friends especially, Qayum, whom I'm sure is quite irritated by me. But i juz need one more thing, a correction tape. Once I have that, I would reckon myself as a completed-student. Told my mom to take me at the evening to buy it. She suggested me to have a haircut as well. Brilliant idea, i thought! I've been looking untidy in school, lately.

I need  to look after my appearance as I'm the class monitor. Dun one to give a bad example to the other students. Moreover, my discipline is getting bad in school! Most of the time, teachers will order me to shave!  'Nermit, shave tomorrow'!  I always will be like, ' teacher, i can't do anything. Its hormonal issue'. I can't shave everyday. If I did it, i would be spending almost half-an-hour a day in the bathroom. Juz imagine for one week how long would i take--)30 minutes x 7 days, OMG, its 210 minutes. I would rather watch Avatar to spent those precious time. However, i will try my best to manage my looks in school. I have to!

Today is Kee Yong How's Birthday. There was a cake for him in school. I was ashtonished when i saw them bringing the cake into the classroom. At the same time i was excited as it was CHOCOLATE cake. I knew I would get to taste it! Yummy.... Yong How was extremely shy when he was cutting his cake. He is a kind of guy who is very quiet and intelligent. . But, once you get to know him, his jokes will make you laugh. Yong How is also known as The King of Add Math in my class. It's no miracle coz his hardwork is obvious. Somehow, it inspires me.

Thank god i brought my camera today. Manage to capture this wonderful moment. For the first time i got to take Kee's photo without any intereference. I took some great shots of him. Will be uploading that later. Here is the sneak-peek
Enthusiastic celebraters....
Who ate this part?

For more photos check out my facebook profile at
see ya...