Friday, July 30, 2010


Let's face the war!
Here I come.......

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deja Vu

this post is based on my deep honesty and love

Well, woke up at 4.30a.m to rewrite the script. We only got to rehearse one day for the script. I mean including the making of it. Eve and I did pretty well on it.

Went to school with my traditional Punjabi attire which named 'Kurta', for those of you who didn't know. And it was like 'Deja vu'. It reminds me of the Bulan Kebudayaan Melayu. I felt like I've managed to rewind the time back to the start. That's a good feeling. I prepared the script with Eve and we managed to crack some 'funny' jokes. But there were a little mistakes here and there, but I think based on the overall view of the event, it was spectacular. We also manage to tribute to Michael Jackson.

The Bangra performance which was performed by a group named Joshiley(hope I got their name right), did a great job. Everyone enjoyed their performance. The did a wonderful job. Not forgetting our very own Kebudayaan Group, dance gracefully with the song Dhoom Taana. Credits to Encik Mazlan...

And finally I would like to thank to all of the teachers, especially the indian teachers who has tried their very best to make this event a joyful and a happening one.

All in all, nothing can be compared from the Bulan Kebudayaan Melayu performance. That was the best! I enjoyed our drama with my fellow mates. I missed them. All of them! I juz wished we could do that again...

The memories which is in my mind, will always remain in my mind for the rest of my life. I will never forget my wife too...haha! I'm proudly saying that, even though 99% are malays, we get along well! I juz truly love them! I hope we'll keep in touch once we leave school and we will remain like a family. Let's instill the One Malaysia spirit in us and treat everyone equally. Enjoy the pictures.......

 Anil and Fida
Eve and Me
Me, Nisha, Jess, Anand, and Anil
Me and bro
Jess and Me
More on FB....
Had another good time today...
I love everyone

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back To School

Based on the two-weeks school holidays, last Friday was the only day I felt boring. I felt useless and disgusted, for no apparent reason. I bacame agitated with everything-->computer, food, TV. I was totally out of control! Then I decided to call my friend, Amir. I asked him whether I can go to his house or not.  He said yea! So I walked to his house. When I reached at his hse, we decided to walk. Like go for a long walk. We called Daniel too and he joined us. Ridhwan went to Jusco shopping, so he couldn't join us. We started our journey right-away.

During our journey, my stomach grumbled and asked for food. Due to my severe 'can't stand hunger' thing, we headed towards 7/11 and bought breads. I ate all of them! We continued our journey. This time we ventured into a new place, somewhere at the Sutera, where there's a school. We entered into the jungle and had a pretty tough time as there weren't an trails for us to follow. We literally made our own trail. We managed to escape from that so called jungle and we cheered for our accomplishment. Once we are out, we headed towars Kg. Bakar Batu. I've been there b4, but not by foot.

So we walked further and once we are in that area, we sensed a 'kampung' feeling. Everything was old there, I mean the houses, the stalls, stuff like that and there were cows wondering around. The people there was indigenous as well, not all. Some were very dirty looking. We spotted some of the orang asli drinking Carlsberg. I think, that's pretty cool! haha...

As planned we got back home by 7. That journey gave us a good experience and a sense of accomplishment.

Woke up at 11 and watched movie. By 2 got ready to go to Balqis' house. She was celebrating her birthday. So she had a small party where her close friends were invited. I was astonish to see her house cos it is walking distance from my house. And her how is beautiful. It's so huge and 'looks expensive'(i can't find a right word). We all felt like 'home' when we were there. Too cosy....camwhored and enjoyed the food there. Ate so many meatballs. And went back home for Father's Day party at night at cousin's place.

The party was fun as we had a family gathering. So I got to meet all  of my uncles and aunties. We had a beautiful time being together. It's so nice to see us being together, again. We danced, played games, ate fabulous food, get intoxicated(take me out of that list) and chatted together. It was a joyful night. Suddenly someone came out with a plan, 'let's go to Kota Tinggi tomorrow'. I anticipated that this trip would be boring and I wasn't enthusiastic about it. Well, family comes first after all. So I follow them.

Guess what? We had a gala time once again. The waterfall was so soothing to see and the air was so fresh there. Food wise, no problem, there were plenty of them. Drinks was less, not much plain water. We manage to get over it till i over-drank water..LOL..

Went back home by 5 but reached home at 7 cos we went to the restaurant to take our dinner. The waiter there had a massive problem due to an unsystematic way of ordering. As a result he kept bringing food which was not ordered. However, me managed to eat it. We were tired after that and waited to go home. As I got back home I watched Kick-Ass and Sex And The City 1. Had a good laugh watching these movies.....
Overall, I had a nice and splendid holidays with my friends and family. I'm grateful that I spent my holidays with the thing I have always wished to do.....
Amin, Logman, me, Qayum

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A 'Yes' Could Make A Big Difference

It was after a joyful afternoon where I was loading movies and watching them online. I was on facebook and suddenly my cousin came down at my hse. They were like, 'let's go to my house now'. This has been one of the many invitation. I was not ready to go and furthermore on the next day I had to go to CS. Somehow, they persuaded me and after a long-thinking, I decided to say Yes, 'I will stay at your house tonight' i told them. Quickly packed my stuff and headed towards their house. I brought my book along in case I could read if there's nothing fun to do. The moment I reached there, they planned to go to watch football at Modestos. I was just in their plan, wherever they go. Again, changes my clothes and wore cousin's clothes. It fit me perfectly- a T-shirt and shorts.

6 of us sat in a Kancil. We managed to squeeze in the car. When we reached there, as planned we went to Modestos. First time I'm goin there and I found the place to be a nice place to hang out and relax. Especially with the live-band. But sadly, they couldn't sing my requested song-I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and Creep by Radiohead. It didn't bother me and I requested Hotel California by The Eagles. They sang amazingly and we danced gracefully! Haha....It was like just the other relaxing nights. After the football match we chilled out with our drinks. I was juz with the plain water. The match was pretty annoying coz the players kept falling down. I think, footballers are the best-actors on earth, honestly!

After a while, my cousin got off their chairs and headed towards the clubs. I didn't have any idea where they were going. I was juz following them and capturing pictures. Soon, I realized that they were goin to another club. It was Dolce. I was like shit! In a way I was excited as I've never been to Disco Clubs before. At the same time I was nervous too coz I was wearing shorts and I'm definitely underage. But the elder ones did the talk and somehow we manged to enter. They 'chopped' my hand with their own symbol. When I entered the club I was amazed by the amount of people. People were dancing everywhere and the music was so loud! And the people were all intoxicated. I juz entered and followed my cousins. My heart pounded with excitement and nervousness. We went to the toilet, first. 5 of us went. While we were doing our businesses peacefully, two girls entered in and screamed! I noticed that we're at the female toilet and I yelled 'owh shit'. We quickly got off the toilet!

We danced like crazy. I've never danced like that before. Juz move your body like nobody's watching you. Even I was completely sober, I danced madly. One thing that annoyed me was the cigarettes. I was gasping for fresh air in there. I took a little beer there as I was thirsty and I don't know where to get plain water. It taste sucks! Well, we continued dancing and this time we made a couple of friends. Chinese and malays. I think they were drunk coz I tried to talk to them and it doesn't seem like they know what I was talking. But the chinese were great dancers. They danced professionally! I can say, most of them were teenagers. I saw one chinese guy from our school, but I don't know his name.

It was a fun night and it was a totally new experience. Guess what, I spent RM 0 coz my cousins did all the payments. I also saw the true colours of people. Malay! You know what I mean. Chinese, as usual. Haha! It was a fun night, though....Literally I partied without alcohol. So there's no reason you can't enjoy without alcohol. Juz control yourself if you are tempted by it....
Bash n Me
Bash, Anil, Pel and Me

It was just another enjoyable night...
thanks to the 'Yes'

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Break-Down

Jessica's hse overnight was kinda mistake. I forced myself not to sleep and that disturbs my sleeping mode entirely. My nervous system and digestive system have to face the consequences. After I came back home from her hse, I did a mistake by playin badminton. I was out of energy, though I forced myself to play. But thank god I didn't forced  myself to the limit. I played badminton without the full spirit and made stupid jokes. I'm pretty sure that my badminton mates were pissed with me. As he told me 'we are wasting money, you are nt playin well'. Haha.
Hope that my selfishness help me on that day. I quit playin badminton half-an-hour before the end time. So I decided to go to Azri's hse.

I was very tired in his house. He just shared his camp experience with me and he seemed happy there. I mean very happy. He said he ate a lot and sneaked at the girls too. I'm not gonna reveal more. LOL...
After a while, a stranger added him on facebook and she was interested in him. And to make sure that she was a girl, we decided to add her on YM and videocall her. We had fun doing that. Thank god she was a girl. Well, I'm not gonna judge her beauty, but she was juz OK. Was listening to their conversation for a while. Funnily, I slept on his computer table. I was extremely sleepy. He directed me to his room and I slept there for about an hour.

When I woke up, I was already struck by fever. Can't walk back home. Took bus, and I froze in the bus. When I reached home, I can't sleep. Decided to explore the medicine cabinet and found flu medicine. Took it coz it will make you go full-swing.

Till now, I'm feeling unwell. Hope I will better soon. My stomach is just not well. I'm feeling as if my stomach juz got reset-ed. That's the best expression I can gv, for now. Alright, tomorrow watching The Karate Kid with a bunch of friends. Pretty excited bout it.  Gtg, then...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Of The Nights That I Will Never Forget

Party! It was Anil's and Anand's idea. So we're all into it! Decided to do at Jessica's hse. And we did!

Went to Jess's hse at 1pm. Then, all they way we prepared for the night. When it was 7pm, we lighted up the charcoal. We weren't the pro ones, so Nisha and I was like burning the newspaper and only the newspaper was burning. Brought kerosene, I decided not to use it to light the charcoal up for our health sake. Then I remembered my Chinese friends used some kind of prayer thing to burn the charcoals. So jess' mom ask me to drive the car and buy it. I wasn't a good driver at all. And I was freaking scared! But I said 'yes'. You know, it's fun trying something new. So I drove the care! I was freaking scared, but thanks to Prahveen, she managed to calmed me down. Reached at the prayer shop. Somehow, Prahveen managed to describe it to the man and we bought it. And we discovered something, the car LIGHTS was not on and the HAND-BREAK was up! I was like Damn, this is crazy. It freaked me out. Thankfully, we reached home safely. Jess don't tel this to your parents. Lol..

At last, by 7.50pm the charcoal was burning. I went back home juz to change and guess what? It took me an hour. I reached at Jess' hse at 9.10pm. By that time, many people came and the surrounding was so happening....I attacked the food first. There was a lot of food. BBQ-ed chicken, nuggets, hot-dogs, pizza-breads and etc. Soon, the music was on. It was like The Energizer. Everybody started shaking and moving. Especially the girls....They were moving their ass...haha!

Dance and dance for quite a long time and I was the videoman. Took great shots and videos. At the same time I juz move a little bit of here and there with them. They were all very nice people, even i juz met them. They were all so inviting and friendly.

Suddenly Jess' suggested to me a stupidest idea. FLOUR?. I strictly rejected No! But she seemed to be enthusiastic bout it. So, she asked me again, and I told her No again. Not long after Corn Flour was flying around the air. That totally pissed me out. She literally ruined her party. And her hse was in a BIG mess! Terrible mess....

And the best thing was her mom and dad remained calm and relax. They were so understanding. After all, everybody had fun. Sorry Anand for being a little piss. I was juz not ready with the flour especially its was the sticky Corn Flour! Then, we played truth or dare. As usual, all the stupid daring will come out. The video will be out soon on facebook. Then we started cleaning the place together, thank god Prahveen, Suresh, Jessica and Anil helped me. We washed the floor just to get rid of the flour. We were quite pleased. But the condition of the hse was still terrible!

By 2pm we're in the bedroom, planin wad to do. First decided to go to CC. But CC would cost us too much as we do not have enough cash. So i suggested everyone to go for a walk. We literally walked around Perling at 2.30am. We were like the crazy kids wandering around. We're scared at the same time. Did stupid shit at the water station. U can see it in the video later...haha! Then, left Suresh at home. We walked to Suresh hse. But we didn't feel the tireness as we're all penetrated deep into our conversation. Starting from there, I began talkin about History with Cedric. It was pretty interesting as I got to know many new things bout The Christians. It was knowledgeable though. When we got back home, Cedric and I decided not to sleep. And we kept talkin bout our philosophy beliefs. Immediately our frequency matched. We spoke for the whole night and we didn't realize the time passed so fast.
At 5am we were a little bored so we went to Jess' brothers room and we started to talk bout martial arts and workouts. By 5.30 we went back to bed and noticed that there's no place for us to sleep. So we lied on the tiles. It was freaking cold.

At 6 we decided to witness the sun rise. We went out at the balcony and inhaled the fresh air and admired the beautiful scenery. And started camworing. We felt awkward at first, snapping photos together, after a while we're cool bout it. By 7, I was on the bed again and this time we were out of words to talk. Eventually, I slept. Cedric woke me up at 8.45 and he told me that his mom is outside. I unlocked the gate and he left. It's been such a pleasure meeting him. In one night, we spoke a million of things as if we have been friends for years.

Then, I woke everyone up and ate breakfast. Without hesitating, we started the cleaning again. I gotta admit, it was very tiring. But we persevered and clean the whole hse compound. Jess' mother was pretty satisfied and she told us that nex time y'all can have another party here. Isn't that great? Neway, thanks for everything aunt. Now I'm my eyes hurt badly and my bed is calling me. But I gotta say, this is one of the nights that I will remember for the rest of my lfe. Meeting amazing people is this world is just awesome. It's been a pleasure meeting all of you guys. We'll have another party nex time. For now, let's rest and regain our energy. Cheers!

 the whole gang
Sher Min and me

More pics will be uploaded on facebook....
for now, bye...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Party Is My Current Drug

Books, I gotta put you on hold currently coz I got plenty of thing to do. Yesterday watched Prince of Persia with Amin and my bro. Then met Fida there.I gotta say that movie is brilliantly directed. The movie is very classical and it signifies the Kingdom-age. It was also very suspicious as some of the story line was unpredictable. But I gotta admit that the ending was over-satisfying. Haha. The ending is like, the starting of the movie. You know what I mean if u have watch it. Well, the actress Gemma Arterton who acted as Tamina is utterly gorgeous! She is the perfect choice. She has a very beautiful and sexy body indeed! I can't take my eyes of her.

The main message of the movie is Destiny Rules Everything. It is destined to be that way. The graphics was pretty good but I expected more 'real' parkour . It was much camera trick. Well, Jake Gylenllhaal was great too. Wait, help me too pronounce his name(lol). Overall, it was great!

Before that, last friday, exams finally ended. And it was indeed a big satisfaction. After the 3-freaking long weeks, where we endured with full of suffering, finally it ended. Thank god.

After school, we headed to the Badminton Court. Played after one month plus and misin it so much. I played till I dropped. After that we went for a minor photoshoot juz to please ourself. In other words it was like 'shiok sendiri'

And now i'm very tired. The badminton and the walking at CS has given me bad aches on my ass and my hips. Thanks to my fitness instructor, Logman, with his help I managed to ease the pain. Thanks dude!

I'm gonna try to sleep now and tomorrow definitely not going to school. Gonna rest. Thought of going badminton tomorrow. Let the day come and see how it goes. Ok...I gtg...i'm enjoying the radio now......
me, Fida and bro

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weird Facts

I noticed weird thing usually happen between my brother and me. Some things that caught my attention.

1. PMR
I remembered during the exam we were in separate classes coz the difference in our name as in T and N. So he sat beside my class. It was English exam. So i remembered it was speech and i was thinking about the opening words. You know like ' thanks to god for allowing me to....'. So halfway, i was confused with the spelling 'necessary'. So i wrote on the blank space 'necasary, nessacary, necasary, and so on. At last I think I didn't use the word. I used something else. When i came back home, I asked my brother about his English exam, he said he had difficulties spelling the work 'necessary'. I was like WTF. I had the same trouble too. Then i saw his question paper, right at the same empty space he was trying to spell 'necessary'. It totally freaked me out.

2. He fell down, while cycling. (a few days back)
Guess what, it happen to me after two days. While i was cycling, I tried to cycle to a higher place by pulling up the handle of the bicycle. Eventually, It was too late and i was fast. I spun more than 180 degrees and landed my head on the ground. It was very embarrassing.. I'm perfectly fine now! Thanks god only a few people saw. Juz hurt my shoulders a bit....

This is very common, whenever i'm sick, my bro will get. This has been happening since we're young.

Sometimes, our thoughts match. When we were in primary school, we used to do stupid things together. One of them was when we were sitting free, we will play a game name 'lets guess a song' It's like we have to sing simultaneously and see whether our song match together. Its like 'start' and we both will hum a song. Most of the time, our humming match. Weird!

UPSR I got 3As 2Bs. My bro also got the same and with the same subjects respectively. Even when we went to PPD to appeal for SMKSP, he was shocked also and that tricked his mind into approving our appeal-letter...haha! And we started talking about our similarities and stuff like this. PMR also got exactly the same results. Let's see for SPM.

For your information, we don't have the 'deja-vu' feelings and like' I know what you are thinking now'. It all happen in movies only.....But I gotta admit, most our thoughts are the same.....

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dreadful Week!

Today was Physics paper 2 and Bio paper 3. I gotta admit both papers was sucks. I'm gonna be very honest. I got the Physics paper and the answer scheme before exam(Dun ask me fm where i got it). But I didn't really depended on it. Yesterday, I glanced through it and literally memorized the answers. When came to school saw a few people was lookin on it. Then, I decided not to do anything in school. So i waited for the paper. To my greatest disappointment the paper was exactly the same as what i've got. I did question 1 which was about the stopwatch. And did a little bit of here and there. Once i reached Section B, I felt really bad bout it and felt guilty...Like I've have done something really wrong. So i did the first question. Did a), b) and continued. After a while, I lost my interest in doing the paper and I slept. I slept for about 20 minutes and Pn. Khairina woke me up. She asked me whether I have finish it or not. I said no. And she said y? I didn't really knew what I answered her and I continued sleeping. I woke up after 20 minutes again and Pn. Khairina urged me to do a little bit. I didn't and continued sleeping. I woke up after 10 minutes again and think whether I should do it or not and i didn't. At last, i slept till the paper ended. This was a terrible paper indeed! I've never come across with this type of condition. I felt Bad!

Soon, tyme for Bio. This time I put in a little effort since I didn't have any specific 'tips'. So i did all of it except for the experiment designation. I juz did the MV and RV. And just did a little bit here and there....

Once I reached home, felt a little bad and logged on facebook. Pn. Khairina came online and I told why I didn't do the paper well. She advised me and it calmed me down. I juz want to thank Pn. Khairina for seriously helping me and urging me to do. I'm not gonna make promises here. But teacher i assure you that I will do well in the upcoming days. Not necessarily exam. I hate it when anyone evaluate one with his/her examination achievement. I'm not gonna blame the soalan bocor for my condition but I'm gonna blame myself for accepting it. It totally made my life miserable. Also thanks to my wonderful friends who had advised me. Mistakes are meant to be learn. Thanks again Pn. Khairina and friends. Teacher, you are such a kind person. I will smile tomorrow....

Doodling....(did during Bio exam)
Experiment Designation....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Faces

Today my sis asked me to follow her to her School Reunion Party at Taman Merdeka at the JB Katering Restaurant. At first, I didn't want to go because i wouldn't noe anyone. However I went. Reached there are 7.45p.m. We were the first one. My sis was pretty excited as she was gonna meet her friends after 10 long years. She was nervous too at the same time. We waited for a while. Sis was a little impatient. After a while, her friends started filling the party. Their reaction was amazing. Some hugged each other. Some talk talk and talk. Some kept laughing and being cheerful. Some were quiet.

The first thing i did was eat. The dining was buffet. There were an ample of food. I ate nearly all of them and the RM 18 was a worth price to pay. I literally ate a lot! And then I became boring with the surrounding as I duno anyone there. Some remembered me, they said that they came my hse before, when i was young. Obviously I dun remember them.

Thank god Bell was texting me, she eases my boredom. Soon, i walked around. Met the guard, he warned me not to loiter around because it was prohibited. He started talking bout buangan bayi and some horror stories. Haish.....

Decided to ignore him. Juz walked around. After a moment, met someone. He is from EC. He was quite friendly as well. His name was Afiq. Honestly he looked like our Afiq and spoke like him. Haha!....So i dared him to go to the dark place. It was very dark and the place was big. So we went together. We spoke bout badminton and rugby. He loves sports, so it match our frequencies. We kept talking and talking till we reached a place where it was heading towards the jungle. He asked me whether should we continue. I reluctantly said yes. We walked. But halfway, i thought to myself, this was not the tyme. Some sort of uneasiness felling came creeping into myself. So we reversed. On the way back, according to Afiq he saw 'something'. I managed to convinced him that it was juz an illusion coz we were talking bout it. Hope it was an illusion....

Once were out of there, we felt nice. We had a good experience. He said that he learn something new. He learned how to control his fear. Same goes to me. Learned how to relax.....It feels nice meeting new people

Back to the reunion party, we started to know each other. Also took pic with one of sis's friend. I was extremely shy....

Overall it was great! Had a good fun. Moral of the story is always try new thing and have faith in what you are doing. Believe in yourself and be friendly to everyone. Meeting new people is one of the coolest things in life. Let you design your own future...signin off--->Sunil

She was very friendy and cool!
They were such an amazing people. Even though i didn't noe them, 
i had fun being with them....

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Return

It's been a long time since I last blogged. You know life have been pretty hectic. I'm not gonna lie about the SPM. It really pressurizing all of us in school. Exam is still going on, but this exam is totally sucks as ALL of the papers have been leaked! In a way it's helpful for us. Even if we have those tips, we still needs to study terribly. All in all, I enjoyed this exam. I've already started enjoying this week. I'm gonna start back from the first step. I'm gonna polish everything. I'm not gonna wait for the exam to finish.

On the other day, I asked my brother, whenever exam is goin on, we usually have a million of plans for the after-exam. But have u achieved it before? He pondered for a second and said no! You see. To do something we must not wait for something else. Juz do it! Now, today! That's what I'm gonna do.

I miss the nature, the roads, the sky, the environment, the world. So i'm gonna continue to venture the world. I'm gonna do everything what i like. I'm gonna be present and do all the thing i want to do now! This is the time when friends play an important role. They are the one who is gonna make these thing fun.

Well, this is juz the come-back start up. Will be back soon......

My Plants....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Back

Yea....exam's ova! School was great until Azniza spoil everything up! Well, leave her alone.

For the pass few weeks, I've been studying very hard. But I hope that my hard work will be paid off. I'm trying my very best to remind myself that this is just the beginning. Neway, it doesn't mean that I cannot enjoy. This holidays I've made a schedule to spend my time: They are;

  1. Exercise-->mainly, sharpen my badminton skills, cycling and do work-outs.
  2. Study-->do home works, revise and read books.
  3. Watch movies-->online and cinema.
  4. Gardening-->adjust my plants which seem to be dull, gv them nutrients.
  5. Forget about Azniza's incident in school!!
I think that's all so far has been in my head. Nothing much.

Well, today I went to my cousin's hse because he was having a house warming occasion. Then, decided to watch a movie. Then, Amin called. Apparently, got to know that Amin doesn't know what is 3-D movie is...haha. Went to Jusco Tebrau. Planned to watch Alice, but as anticipated, it was fully-booked. So decided to watch Up In The Air. The movie was nominated for Oscar, so it gave us a good impression, at first. The movie was about 2 hours. Totally no regrets watching it! Amazing movie for the season. I'm telling this because at this economic crises, time, pretty much it reflects to the movie. The main message bout the movie is;

  1. Never feel bad when you lose your job.
  2. Rich people does not necessarily mean they are happy.
  3. A man could without love, not sex.
  4. Losing your job doesn't mean that it's the end of the world.
  5. Be loyal to your spouses.
If you really want to watch the movie, watch it! or you can watch it online. No regrets for watching that movie. Now, i wanna watch Alice In Wonderland. Maybe on Wednesday I'll go.

Now, I wanna blog about the people I miss the most in my life. Firstly, Bella, my pet! I seriously miss her a lot. I took care of her for three weeks and gave her out to a friend because of my parents restriction. Seriously missing her. I felt in love with her the moment I saw her. It was when my friend, Gayetri, gv her to me. She was the cutest pet I've ever seen. And for the first day, I gave her food and stuff like that and i liked her a lot. The best part was when she slept on my hands. That's was one of my BEST moment in my life. Then manage to persuade my parents to keep her. Eventually it lasted for only 3 weeks. Tats sad!...
I miss her a lot. I miss you, Bella!

Miss u...
This was when the magic happens...

Next is a girl name Dhivya. My mom used to babysit her. She is an amazing and brilliant kid. And she is a good learner as well. She came to my hse when I was in form 1 if I'm not mistaken. We were totally deeply in love with her. The best thing was she called my mom as Mom and my dad as Papa. She was so adorable and cute. We treated her like our own and enjoy our days with her as a family. One day, she felt down. So, she hurt her eyes and it was swollen. We thought it was a normal thing as kids always fall down and get hurt. But when her parents came to pick her up, the took it the wrong way. On that day onwards the started losing trust on us as there were more 'marks' on her face. I remembered once her mother said, 'Was she beaten?'. Those poison words hurts my mom badly. Mom mom was totally stunned by her words. Soon, that matter was solved. After that, we noticed that her parents is making use of us in many ways. More over, her fee was not been given on time and they kept decreasing it, and some financial matters between them and us. Until one day her mom came and told us that she needs her back. That part was so sad. Mom broke down!

After a few years Dhivya steeped into my house. We were so thrill to see her. But she was no longer the person we knew! She had FORGOTTEN us! Tat was our saddest part of the whole thing....She literally don't remember us at all!

Look at her, not me!(then)

I miss her so much too....
These are the people I miss the most, now!
Dhiya which used to be a smart girl
who can speak fluent English when she was in my hse, now has forgotten everything
My mom also taught her ABC and 123.
She knew everything. I think, she has forgotten those things too!
I miss her voice which always irritate me by the 
name Sunilpa(pa means brother is Punjabi Language)
May god bless Bella and Dhiya
Y'all will remain in my heart forever!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lymphocyctes, Please Help Me!

I've been having a terrible cold for the past 2 days. For what I can say is, today I suffered the most. Decided not to skip school, i went to school and encountered my greatest enemy of cold---dust particles! But however, these unstoppable moving thing is unavoidable. Lets look at the bright side now. Firstly, I'll develop an immunity for this type of virus which is unknown. That's why I'm watching for my body defense mechanism to fully react. Plz make it fast. Secondly, I get to sneeze a lot, and that's a great feeling. I don't know why I love to sneeze, but what i know that it makes me feel good....Next is, I can sleep all day long. What I really meant is you can sleep with no worries as you know that you have to sleep to get some rest. So, partly, that's a peace of mind.

But the worst part is-----consuming medicine! I hate medicine. But I will not show my ego towards medicines because I need some supplements to help my body and organize a perfect troop system. Neway, it's temporary. Now, I'm just waiting for my immune system to fully react and eradicate all these bacteria/viruses that has attacked my body. On the other hand, I also wanna be fully immunized by this bacteria/virus.


Since I'm not feeling well now. Lets blog about something.

A few days back, I asked my mom, How Will The Future Generation of Parenting React to Their Kids? This question caught my attention. Okay, lets consider for the time being. Now, our parents or grandparents say to us is usually about the Dos and Don'ts. Right? And also some superstition like wash your leg after coming back home at night, and so so on. You know there are hundreds or perhaps millions of them. So, this is the 'now generation parenting'. During our generation, what do you think We will do?

Are we gonna say the same thing as what our parents/grandparents used to say. Partly yes. But what about the superstition and our mentality. Superstition may deplete as time passes. Or don't tel me that a new superstition will develop like don't play PSP at night, the 'hantu' will hunt you down. HAHA! I would term this as the High-Tech Superstition. Lets get to the point. What are we really gonna say? Juz for an example your grandchild ask you that he wants to go to the club. Of course you will say, yes, yes! OR maybe one will say, I'll come along... Now you get what I'm trying to say!

These mentality difference differs everything in terms of parenting. Our generation mentality will be very different. We may let our kids to have a girlfriend or boyfriend easily. Because we totally understand bout it. It's mentality again. We may also allow our kids to loiter with their friends without much restriction.

One more thing, what are we gonna talk with our kids/grandchildren when there's free time. Are we gonna talk about their peers/, gf/bf, party, latest technology? I think, the best thing in the future will be musical understanding. Now, the oldies songs is still being heard by most of the old people. By our generation, people will not give a damn to ABBA anymore. And for what i know is more LADY GAGAs will exist. They will be the next Celine Deon, Whitney Houston and perhaps The Beatles.

Well, all in all, it's just my perception. I think this is what gonna happen in the upcoming generation. But this situation can be contrasted directly with the westerners. I think they have been doing this---having these kind of mentality. The ramifications is great&bad. It can be seen by their horrifying lifestyle. There are the Pros and Cons. Therefore, it's time to realize that we are the future architect of our generation. I think it's important to take this into account. Okay, I've been blabbering to much....Bye

Song of the day: Avatar-Becoming One Of Us
Its freaking nice. Listen to it on youtube.
Must listen music of the year!
Mama, what is scrotum?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water---Droplets or Water---Fall

CNY week has been a great week for me. I've been enjoying + studying for the past days. Studying, in terms of having those continuous thoughts in my mind so that my interest in studying will not loss it's appetite. On the other hand, I had a great fun as well. But, eventually, this is not the REAL fun that I usually experienced! I've been very, very tired for the past week due to the lack of sleep. My sleep deprivation has showed me it's true colours. I never thought that I will be lethargic and in the situation of utter exhaustion! Well, starting on last Monday, I've been getting enough of sleep. Now, I can feel halo of the day clearly and enjoy my daily activities. Based on my experience, lack of sleep causes
  1. tiredness
  2. loss of mood to study, read, play games, etc...
  3. increase in appetite(honestly)
  4. depressed!
  5. giving up in everything
  6. demotivate of oneself
These are the feeling of sleep deprivation. Well what I've also learn is that I CANNOT sleep less than 8 hours. I mean if i do, for sure, I'll be having those effect that is stated above. But I still gonna try my very best to get use to this schedule.

Last Monday, my family and I went to Kota Tinggi Waterfall. At first I didn't want to go, but after intense persuasion I went! As it was anticipated, the trip was boring as not many relatives came along. Moreover, when we reached there, we noticed that the water was less. I mean that the waterfall that is flowing, flows with an amount of water which is not as it used to be. So the feelings of excitement was not present. However, there were no other choice than dumping in the water. The water was freezing cold! Due to homeostasis,we managed to get 'used to' it. We spent about 6 hours. One thing that I enjoyed was the food. There were a variety of food cooked by my aunts. You know after swimming, we grabbed the food and stuff them in our mouth. It was delicious!

Well, i woke up early this morning, even i slept late last night. I'm gonna take a rest in the afternoon just to cover up my schedule. I know everything is gonna be alright!

Well, song of the day is Redemption Song by Rihanna. This song was first sung by Bob Marley. It's Rihanna rendition of the song. It's actually a tribute to the catastrophe taht stroked Haiti!
God Bless Them
I took it from my hand-phone camera. Sadly i brought my camera but left the memory card in my computer!
took dis beautiful shot when we're heading back home

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sigh.....It's been one week I did not get sufficient of sleep. I was very busy with my school work and I was tired because of some intense exercise. I know this will not last for a long time, It will get better once I continue to exercise regularly! Last night, I got a good night sleep. My body cells which are not recovered has been doing good now. I'm felling much better. So, holiday has began. What's the plans? Definitely not going for a holiday or vacation. Need to revise my studies--form4 & 5. It's not an easy task, i know! But perseverance will solve the problem. Need to finish my ICSS up to Chapter 3, need to do all my Physics tuition's exercise that teacher has given to me. Didn't start it at all! Need to finish up my Tatabahasa, did nothing since the Kesalahan Tatabahasa homework. Not forgetting, Moral Folio, and yesterday's essay. My main goal for the holidays is to finish my homework, ALL!

For my entertaintment, I'm gonna watch Valentine's day within this week. Mainly is to see The Taylors--Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift! Wanna examine their chemistry. And of course to feel the excitement of the Love Week. Well, really need to organise my time well.

And I have make a point. I'm not gonna try to talk or to 'work on' on the people who hates me! F off. Juz leave me alone. I wanna concentrate on my wanting. Instead, gonna focus on my achievements. I have hundreds, maybe millions of other friend. YOU do not decrease my friends populations. Leave those idiots alone.

Neway. nothing much I'm gonna say. Enjoy your holidays to the max. To the Chinese, I'm waiting for your invitation. Happy New Year to y'all!

Lastly,  need to introduce one song to all of you, It's by Ceryl Cole ft Will.I.Am., named 3 words. Listen to this song. It's a love song... \
Signin off............SUNIL

Monday, February 8, 2010

Joyous Week!

Last Saturday, 6 of February,

I had a unpredictable week which has turn out to be super fun and adventurous! Last Saturday, I went to school as to replace it with CNY holidays. Skol was pretty much the same as the chinese in my class kept makin decorative stuff to decorate the class and the school hall. Their excitement never ends! Well, most of the time I spent my time doin homework in skol to finish it up so that it would be easy for me, later on. Then an idea popped out on my mind. I thought of cycling in the afternoon. Since i don't have a bicycle I went to Afiq to discuss about this matter. He said that he has 4 bicycles but he is not so sure about their conditions. But he is quite sure that 2 of them are in a good shape. So it was a deal! I will be borrowing his bicycle. Suddenly, Amin heard our conversation and he decided to joined in. Then, Qayum, Suresh and lastly, my bro. It was the most anticipating part. I knew that we are gonna have a great fun.

I slept a while and mom left us to Jessica's hse to borrow her bicycle coz there was a bit of change of plans. Once i got it, i played for about 10 minutes and after that, the rain pours. I was so, damn upset. But i kept myself positive that the rain will stop. I kept sayin that to myself! And it did. I waited for nearly 40 minutes for the rain to stop. Soon, we met together, altogether 6 of us, Amin, Qayum, Termit, Suresh, Afiq and me, and we started out journey. We planned to go to Horizon Hills.

Reach there after one hour. To our greatest astonishment, there were places where we hv never, I mean never seen b4 in this area. I was like OMGsssss. Shit man! It was a spectacular view. And there were hills around us as the place of the name is Horizon Hills. We tried to go to the hilltop and we made it! For us, it was one of our greatest challenge!
Believe It or Not?

At the hilltop, we were getting late so we rushed back home! I can say that the bicycle that i was using which was jessica's, was the fastest among everyone's. I rode the bicycle very, very fast! It was a great experience. We reach home about 7.20. Overall, it took us about 1 hour 50 minutes journey. It was worth spending that time!

My Rules For Cycling
  1. Never look back when you are cycling, especially on the main road.
  2. Never get panic when you are lost.
  3. Try not to avoid holes on the tarmac as vehicles are passing around.
  4. Last but not least,enjoy your ride!

Yesterday, Monday 8 of February,

The day of Larian Perling@Merentas Desa. Was so excited to go. Went at 2.30pm and the crowd was satisfying coz i thought that only a handful of students will attend. I'm glad there are still reliable students in school. At first, we warmed-up with a few great songs. Starting from there, the fun began! By 3.15pm, the race started. As usual some egoistic students ran when the race started. After 200m the were breathless. Haha. I ignored all the runners who ran faster than me. I kept a constant speed all the way! I knew tat i would cut them. Most of them, i managed to. I was also feeling so thirsty during the run as the weather was blazing-hot. Thank god, one of the rescuer gave me water while i was running, Later on, Bobby also gave me. Lastly, managed to get no 26! Was satisfied.
The Faces of Champions

After the run, I decided to cycle around. Took Jessica's bicycle and cycled for about 10 sec from Qayum's hse and it broke down. I could not peddle anymore! DAMN.. I was so scared since I only have RM 4 in my pocket. Neway, I took the bicycle to the nearest bicycle shop. There, i told them what was the problem. Then, one man treated it. I duno what he did. I asked the lady over there how much would it cost. First, she said RM 8. Then, after talking some shits, she said RM 18. What the shit, lady? Stop shitting with me. I'm not born, yesterday. She quickly took of a receipt for me. Then, i made up a story and managed to go of from that place. While I was leaving the shop. The bicycle was perfectly alright! I was so happy! But the screws and all was not tighten. However, i decided to go to that shop again to tighten it back. This time the boss was there and he demanded RM 5 from me. Helplessly, i gave him RM 4, tats all I have. I ask him then what if, what you were sayin juz now happened? He said that the bearing or some shits comes in a set and he said it cost RM50+. From there, i knew that they are the real cheaters. So to everyone, don't go to that shop. It is located at the Pizza Hut row. They made my life miserable!

By that time, it was already 6.40 and i decided to run back home. Literally, i ran! By time I got home, I have to do gardening. I took another 40 minutes to do it! By 8pm i was half-dead! I jumped on bed at 9.20pm.

Today, Tuesday 9 of February,

Just now, i woke up at 6am, i brushed my teeth, ate bread and drank tea, and wanted to setup my timetable. I was reluctant to go to school, but i thought tat i really need to go. So I asked my bro today's timetable. After analyzing it, I decided to skip school today.
Now I'm resting at home!.........

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Love My Life

Life's Brief Candle, says William Shakespeare. Undeniably it's true. But it that means life is full of sorrowness and hatred? Definitely no! I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare but i have to learn his masterpieces in school. Well, I can say that so far my life is great. But i still dun see any sense from Shakespeare's Life's Brief Candle.Well, let bygones be bygone.

At last, what i've been dreaded, for the last few weeks--)photo uploading. My cousins and friends keep asking me to upload photos on Facebook. Therefore I've taken this opportunity to upload all the photos at once. Thank god to the new type of uploading that is present on Facebook. It's so fast!.....So, mission accomplished!

School was cool today. Had a fun time with teachers and friends. Something new happened today. I started to use a pencil box, for the second time in the secondary school history(used last when i was form 1). I think its a good decision because I dun need to borrow stationary from my friends especially, Qayum, whom I'm sure is quite irritated by me. But i juz need one more thing, a correction tape. Once I have that, I would reckon myself as a completed-student. Told my mom to take me at the evening to buy it. She suggested me to have a haircut as well. Brilliant idea, i thought! I've been looking untidy in school, lately.

I need  to look after my appearance as I'm the class monitor. Dun one to give a bad example to the other students. Moreover, my discipline is getting bad in school! Most of the time, teachers will order me to shave!  'Nermit, shave tomorrow'!  I always will be like, ' teacher, i can't do anything. Its hormonal issue'. I can't shave everyday. If I did it, i would be spending almost half-an-hour a day in the bathroom. Juz imagine for one week how long would i take--)30 minutes x 7 days, OMG, its 210 minutes. I would rather watch Avatar to spent those precious time. However, i will try my best to manage my looks in school. I have to!

Today is Kee Yong How's Birthday. There was a cake for him in school. I was ashtonished when i saw them bringing the cake into the classroom. At the same time i was excited as it was CHOCOLATE cake. I knew I would get to taste it! Yummy.... Yong How was extremely shy when he was cutting his cake. He is a kind of guy who is very quiet and intelligent. . But, once you get to know him, his jokes will make you laugh. Yong How is also known as The King of Add Math in my class. It's no miracle coz his hardwork is obvious. Somehow, it inspires me.

Thank god i brought my camera today. Manage to capture this wonderful moment. For the first time i got to take Kee's photo without any intereference. I took some great shots of him. Will be uploading that later. Here is the sneak-peek
Enthusiastic celebraters....
Who ate this part?

For more photos check out my facebook profile at
see ya...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Splendid Day

So far, my day turn out to be wonderful today. When i woke up in the morning, my cousin was bringing my computer back home! I'm so excited. She is in the pink of health, now. And the best thing is nothing was deleted from my computer. I mean the photos, songs and my personal data. OMG, to my greatest astonishment, it was all fine. Perfectly fine! I'm so glad. It's a good morning-start. Then, got dressed to go to see the Thaipusam celebration at the glass-temple which is the first glass temple in Asia, i think! It's beautiful. I was stunned when i saw the newly-build temple. The structure was beautiful. There were many photographers there. But i think money rules the temple. If u wanna keep ur shoes also there will be charges. WTH? And when i entered the temple, i started taking photos, then i noticed that i need to pay RM 3. I juz did it! However, it was really beautifully constructed. I enjoyed going there as it was my first time.

Its beautiful!

After that, we continued to the part wher the ceremony took place. It was when kavadi(the thing which the devotees carry) procession goes on. Enjoy looking at those beautiful Kavadis. One thing that made me happy, there were not only the indians, the chinese and also the malays joined the celebration too. It's a multi racial festival. It was a wonderful sight to see. Not forgetting the free drink that was being offered to everyone. There was tons and tons of drinking water. The best drink was Lassi, a traditional drink made by yogurt. OMG, i think, i drank about 5-6 cups. It was very tasty as i dun drink it always. After that, the crowd got worst and it was so congested to walk. But we manage to slip by the people and went to eat. Food and Drink was FOC. The food was marvelous. Everyone got to eat. Saw the rice that they cooked. Its A LOT!......... AND i saved a hen there in the middle of the crowd by returning it to the owner.
The crowd was crazy
Later on, continued watchin the procession. It was all nice. Met a few friends. On the way back decided to go to Danga City Mall coz there was something goin on there. Roam around and bump into a tiger and  snakes. There happened a history. For the first time of my life i touch a cub and a snake. It's a pleasant feelings. Wanted to take photo with the tiger but decided nt to coz his trainer was charging RM 20 for juz a photo. Damn, that was a cut-throat! Somehow, i managed to take one photo without him, noticing. I asked the trainer, it was an indian man-how old is this cub, he answered 6 months.  So i kept asking him questions and at one point he told me that '' you go and read yestersay's Star newspaper, all about me is written there''. I was like, what a trainer. His high degree of ego made me to move away from him. And the most stupidest thing he did was by counting his money at the middle of the crowd. Shameless ass. He juz took out a bunch of notes from his pocket and started counting it!....

u see?
lovely cub
Then, on the way back home went to visit Harvinder in the hospital. She is not well. Get well soon, Harvinder. She;s being treated well at Johor Specialist!

Now at home and feeling very tired. Got lots of stuff to do with my newly-arrived computer. Mainly upload photos. Haha. I'll get that done ASAP. Alright, byes.............

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Island

Today attended my cousin's wedding in Singapore. It was quite interesting coz the wedding was done the Hindustani way- where the bride and the bridegroom will turn around the fire, something like that, as in the hindi movies. It's the first time i seeing it live. It was cool! Then ate and came back home. This is the most relaxed wedding. It was slow and steady, though we had fun.....That's all!

Bro n me


Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Downs-HAITI

First of all, deep condolences to the Sultan of Johor and thanks for the holiday.
Hope the new one will serve us well.

The earthquake at Haiti is unimaginably terrible. I'm devastated with the destruction. The buildings destruction is the worst one i've ever seen. God, please help them. I juz wish i could go there and help them. I can't help them much, but my prayers is with them.

Lately, i spoke to a friend about this. The reply from that person made my heart sank to the bottom. He said that they deserve it! I was like WTF. OMG there are bodies lying around there like nobody bussiness. They are lying there like rubbish. Even the bodies that are lying there has not been claimed by their family members. On the other day, i accidently tune my TV channel to CNN. I watched the recorded scene which was taken in Haiti. OMG. It was like war-zone. People was wadering around and homeless. There were hundreds of dead bodies around and people couldn't do much. They were too many. Most people got 'use to' with the surrounding. In every corner, noises of help can be heard from children and elderlies. I felt so bad when i watched it. Tears filled my eyes. I am helpless, so do they. Are they paying back for their sins? Do they DESERVED this catastrophe? DO THEY? Certainly not. We are not god to judge them. Juz do our part. For this, lets say a prayer for them...

Dear lord, please save those innocent kids in Haiti,
Their families and friends,
Please end this nightmare,
return the kids' their beds and toys,
their love ones,
their mother, father,
shoe, pencil, clothes, and HOUSE.
Mother Nature, sympathize them.
I know you can make a difference.

It's all up to you. I felt really bad for what had happened to them.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, our country Malaysia did nothing! Malaysia, do something. Give some help. Any help can save at least one person. So dun think that that the destruction is too bad,or already done a big damage. People are still dying, and people are still being rescued.I really wish i can go there now and help them. I WISH! I've heard this saying before life is not fair. Maybe its true.......also, really glad what are the celebrities are doing. They are donating money as well as promoting their prominence to get donation. Keep it up, guys. And Sandra Bullock thanks for the 3-million.

wait..mama is comin to get u..

'look at my hse'

can u compare ur make-up with mine?