Monday, May 26, 2014


Been some time since I updated my blog. Today is just a day where I feel inspired and just not lazy enough to type it out.

A lot been going through on my mind lately, well like always lol. It's just how my machine works in my brain. Am doing my second year degree in MBBS and left 3 months for its completion. Up to this point I've learn so much. Am so glad for the experiences and the knowledge which has lodged into myself. Will be starting off my practical years in 3 months and can't wait for it.

The topic that has been going on in my head is what is our role here on this land? Everyone seems to have a different objectives around me. It seems a bit confusing to me at first since all of us is gonna end up being a doctor. Its like same same but different. Through out my journey I've learn that we all have different goals and dreams in our head no matter how close a person seems to be with you in terms of thoughts. Everyone seems to have their own series of thoughts, own story to tell, and ways of portraying themselves. So I asked myself, what are your goals and dreams. I've always wanted to be a successful person, but wait who doesn't?

So I summarizes my thought systematically and figured out what I want to be and why. My true passion and the things that I wanna do. Of course being a doctor is my dream, but I'm the goals and dreams I meant is something on your death bed where one is able to say 'I did what I wanted'. Coz I refused to be the one who regrets.

Aside of managing your thoughts, I realize that emotional control is very important in achieving those goals. Like seriously have a healthy emotion, filled with positives ones and the only way to do is by doing what you want and what makes you happy. Just like when you were a kid and you had all those thoughts.

Next is maturity, it's the most important ingredient in keeping you on tract. Maturity must come along with focus, determination, an open mind and a wide open heart. Most people lack maturity and that's why problems arise. I'm placing myself in this too. Maturity is something that comes along the way and you can't buy it nor sell it. Everyone has a different definitions of maturity. Have yours.

Last but not least is the BELIEVE. I personally believe that the word 'believe' is the strongest word in the dictionary. Believing in something can bring you to limitless places. For an example have a strong believe that you are capable of achieving. Believe that you are the best and you are able to do it. Believe that you can freaking hit on the nail. Remember do not let ego to drag you along. Be decent, down to earth and show off at times coz some people just have to see your talents, you know. And BELIEVE in god. He is there to guide you throughout the way, yes he will be there without a doubt.

In general, have an uplifting feeling always. Put yourself up and noticeable to your surrounding. Out stand, lead, stand up, fight, challenge, push yourself always. Do not get comfortable with anything or anyone. Life is a constant struggle with amazing experiences. Tell me about loneliness, everyone feels it. That part, fucking grow up and realize your have family, if not make the friends.
Ok good night :)

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