Monday, November 30, 2009

A Beautiful Mess

First of all, im devastated coz i juz broke Qayum's racket today. Therefore, i wanna convey my deepest apologize to him. According to him it cost RM 100...
We'll he seemed to be alright. Neway, maybe it had happened for good
We had a blast though, in the badminton court. Thanks to Gayetri's racket, i used tat to play....
After playing badminton we went to fill our stomach with roti canai.
Later, I asked Amin to accompany me to jog at the nearby park. He gave a lame excuss...DOTA
i noe wad tat means!
Then i flew to the park....i met an elderly lady and an old man. They seemed scary at first.

I jogged for 20 minutes...I felt great. Now, endorphins, serotonin and adrenalin is flowin through my body
it feels great..
After the hormonal jog, i rested for a while, the elderly lady n the old man smilled at me
Soon, i noticed that they were Deaf and Dumb(mute)...for more information, google it!
They were using a sort of sign language n a bit of moaning sound
She gestured to me. I understood it at first. She was askin me tat are you alone? Dun u have any friend?
I gestured back unprofessionally, with a moving head which signifies a no...
Then later we were keen in our so called conversation
So, after one moment i decided too ask her age. But i dun have any idea: how do i gesture that!
After that, i perpendicularised my both index fingers and join them to signify a relationship...
She understood it! She quickly gestured into the state of carrying a baby. I understood that she has a baby...
Minutes past, she was energetic and her gesturing n voice become much more bombastic for me to understand and i juz nodded my head. She also ask me to throw my broken racket by doin thumbs down and pointing it towards the dustbin....I did it!
I was totally touch by her spirit. She seemed like an ordinary person. I did'nt sense any sense of remorse from her. I instantly took her as my inspiration. Wish her all the best in her life n guys IF THEY CAN DO IT, WHY CANT WE?

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