Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Faces

Today my sis asked me to follow her to her School Reunion Party at Taman Merdeka at the JB Katering Restaurant. At first, I didn't want to go because i wouldn't noe anyone. However I went. Reached there are 7.45p.m. We were the first one. My sis was pretty excited as she was gonna meet her friends after 10 long years. She was nervous too at the same time. We waited for a while. Sis was a little impatient. After a while, her friends started filling the party. Their reaction was amazing. Some hugged each other. Some talk talk and talk. Some kept laughing and being cheerful. Some were quiet.

The first thing i did was eat. The dining was buffet. There were an ample of food. I ate nearly all of them and the RM 18 was a worth price to pay. I literally ate a lot! And then I became boring with the surrounding as I duno anyone there. Some remembered me, they said that they came my hse before, when i was young. Obviously I dun remember them.

Thank god Bell was texting me, she eases my boredom. Soon, i walked around. Met the guard, he warned me not to loiter around because it was prohibited. He started talking bout buangan bayi and some horror stories. Haish.....

Decided to ignore him. Juz walked around. After a moment, met someone. He is from EC. He was quite friendly as well. His name was Afiq. Honestly he looked like our Afiq and spoke like him. Haha!....So i dared him to go to the dark place. It was very dark and the place was big. So we went together. We spoke bout badminton and rugby. He loves sports, so it match our frequencies. We kept talking and talking till we reached a place where it was heading towards the jungle. He asked me whether should we continue. I reluctantly said yes. We walked. But halfway, i thought to myself, this was not the tyme. Some sort of uneasiness felling came creeping into myself. So we reversed. On the way back, according to Afiq he saw 'something'. I managed to convinced him that it was juz an illusion coz we were talking bout it. Hope it was an illusion....

Once were out of there, we felt nice. We had a good experience. He said that he learn something new. He learned how to control his fear. Same goes to me. Learned how to relax.....It feels nice meeting new people

Back to the reunion party, we started to know each other. Also took pic with one of sis's friend. I was extremely shy....

Overall it was great! Had a good fun. Moral of the story is always try new thing and have faith in what you are doing. Believe in yourself and be friendly to everyone. Meeting new people is one of the coolest things in life. Let you design your own future...signin off--->Sunil

She was very friendy and cool!
They were such an amazing people. Even though i didn't noe them, 
i had fun being with them....

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