Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm updating my blog after about a year. I read my friend's blog and I just feel like updating it.
The SPM is finally over and I was wrong coz I thought that life over the war was beautiful and free of dangers. The truth is, 2011. is the real life that I have to face. Yes, I have 100% freedom, but you know, anything that is too much is useless. Life has to be balance. I've been working for about 2 months at Jusco Bukit Indah. The experience that I obtained there was priceless. I learnt the poker face(s) of people. I also learnt how to win a customer's mind and the variations of people in this world is wide. I never thought that before. Bad people, good people, you name it. After 2 months, i stopped my job and I enjoyed the money. Life was great then. But, I was wrong again. Soon, the money depletes.

April, I enrolled in Masterskill University in JB to do my Foundation In Health Sciences. There another new life i have to pass. Everything was new, new friends, new teachers, new studying environment, EVERYTHING. I had a hard time getting use to not being with my friends. But you know, at one point of your life, acceptance creeps in. I have to accept that I can't meet the old friend's as I use to. In future, maybe we can only meet a couple of times in a year, I tried my best to keep in touch with my friends but they seem to be very busy. At this new college life, I thought that I was already mature, but I was wrong again. I'm still a young boy who know's nothing much about the world. My new friend's made me realize that coz they are much elder than me. This also made me realized that age will make one to be more mature.

I learn lessons everyday, and I'm gonna continue to try to make my life perfect even though the world believes that nobody's perfect. My one and only best friend is my music. Music is my motivator, my life, my best friend, my love and my everything. I also realize that I don't need anyone to make me happy. All I have is myself and I'm gonna live through it. To my friends, good luck in your future. The happy times together that we have spent will always be in my heart.

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