Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm On The Right Track

Life has been extremely tiring here at college. Have to put a lot of effort for the tests. I just finished my test on last friday and gonna have mid-sem in two weeks time. For the pass weeks, i've not been getting enough of sleep and also had stayed awake for more than 24 hours with the help of caffeine of course. Now, im feeling good coz even though my schedule is hectic,Ii managed my time well. In the midst of everything, we have been entertaining ourselves and also on our fitness. I think it's important for my health.

I'm still gonna talk about life in college coz everyday i learn new things. Friends here are Awesome now! I realized that i have to change my self in order to attract awesome people. My roommates are awesome. We are all big eaters! My classmates are awesome too. I pretty much can get along with all of them. But, still, trust is an issue for me. For me, trusting a person is like giving yourself to one. Primarily, trusting must be mutual, it does not work on one way. To gain someone's trust is not an easy thing. This topic seems to be unimportant, but it may cause you a serious impact on you. To learn what trust is, one have to experience distrust. This is what i've learned so far. First and foremost, to understand trust, one have to trust oneself. We have to believe in ourselves.

Exam's is in two weeks and there's a lot to study. 4 subjects-Psychology, Math, Biology and IT. A lot has to be done and i believe I can manage through it, somehow. The only thing is bothering me is having a wide 360* freedom. Freedom is another topic to be managed. Got to sleep, chow.

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