Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unleash The Ordinary

Juz read this book. It has taught me to think beyond the ordinary. Most people are stuck with their immobile mindset. After reading this book, i began thinkin wisely. I diminished my old bad thoughts which most people usually do. I started to think smartly. Mainly, this book had taught me how to manage money well. So far, it is a good start.

This book had taught me,
-that dun let us work for money, but let money work for you....if one start to think this way, automatically one will  switch their mind into an active state where they will begin to ask yourslf questions like how does it works?e

-see thing differently as other people does. Its not hard to do this. Instead try to be aware of the surroundings. For an example, on the front cover of a novel written: best- selling book. Wad does this means? Is it means that the writer is good at writing stories or is it mean that the writer's vocabulary is good? Nah, not necessarily. It is juz saying that the book is one of the best selling book. It doesn't means that everything stops there. There are still other titles that can be grabbed by the others like best-written book, most-interesting book and best-plotted book. Therefore change your PERCEPTIONS! and make actions..

-that school does not provide us with financial intelligence and that is imperative in our life journey.

-to get something, we have to always give first

-intelligence + arrogance = ignorance

All of these work only if one practices regularly. Practice makes perfect!
Thanks sis for buying me this book..
It has made a difference for me....

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