Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Back

Yea....exam's ova! School was great until Azniza spoil everything up! Well, leave her alone.

For the pass few weeks, I've been studying very hard. But I hope that my hard work will be paid off. I'm trying my very best to remind myself that this is just the beginning. Neway, it doesn't mean that I cannot enjoy. This holidays I've made a schedule to spend my time: They are;

  1. Exercise-->mainly, sharpen my badminton skills, cycling and do work-outs.
  2. Study-->do home works, revise and read books.
  3. Watch movies-->online and cinema.
  4. Gardening-->adjust my plants which seem to be dull, gv them nutrients.
  5. Forget about Azniza's incident in school!!
I think that's all so far has been in my head. Nothing much.

Well, today I went to my cousin's hse because he was having a house warming occasion. Then, decided to watch a movie. Then, Amin called. Apparently, got to know that Amin doesn't know what is 3-D movie is...haha. Went to Jusco Tebrau. Planned to watch Alice, but as anticipated, it was fully-booked. So decided to watch Up In The Air. The movie was nominated for Oscar, so it gave us a good impression, at first. The movie was about 2 hours. Totally no regrets watching it! Amazing movie for the season. I'm telling this because at this economic crises, time, pretty much it reflects to the movie. The main message bout the movie is;

  1. Never feel bad when you lose your job.
  2. Rich people does not necessarily mean they are happy.
  3. A man could without love, not sex.
  4. Losing your job doesn't mean that it's the end of the world.
  5. Be loyal to your spouses.
If you really want to watch the movie, watch it! or you can watch it online. No regrets for watching that movie. Now, i wanna watch Alice In Wonderland. Maybe on Wednesday I'll go.

Now, I wanna blog about the people I miss the most in my life. Firstly, Bella, my pet! I seriously miss her a lot. I took care of her for three weeks and gave her out to a friend because of my parents restriction. Seriously missing her. I felt in love with her the moment I saw her. It was when my friend, Gayetri, gv her to me. She was the cutest pet I've ever seen. And for the first day, I gave her food and stuff like that and i liked her a lot. The best part was when she slept on my hands. That's was one of my BEST moment in my life. Then manage to persuade my parents to keep her. Eventually it lasted for only 3 weeks. Tats sad!...
I miss her a lot. I miss you, Bella!

Miss u...
This was when the magic happens...

Next is a girl name Dhivya. My mom used to babysit her. She is an amazing and brilliant kid. And she is a good learner as well. She came to my hse when I was in form 1 if I'm not mistaken. We were totally deeply in love with her. The best thing was she called my mom as Mom and my dad as Papa. She was so adorable and cute. We treated her like our own and enjoy our days with her as a family. One day, she felt down. So, she hurt her eyes and it was swollen. We thought it was a normal thing as kids always fall down and get hurt. But when her parents came to pick her up, the took it the wrong way. On that day onwards the started losing trust on us as there were more 'marks' on her face. I remembered once her mother said, 'Was she beaten?'. Those poison words hurts my mom badly. Mom mom was totally stunned by her words. Soon, that matter was solved. After that, we noticed that her parents is making use of us in many ways. More over, her fee was not been given on time and they kept decreasing it, and some financial matters between them and us. Until one day her mom came and told us that she needs her back. That part was so sad. Mom broke down!

After a few years Dhivya steeped into my house. We were so thrill to see her. But she was no longer the person we knew! She had FORGOTTEN us! Tat was our saddest part of the whole thing....She literally don't remember us at all!

Look at her, not me!(then)

I miss her so much too....
These are the people I miss the most, now!
Dhiya which used to be a smart girl
who can speak fluent English when she was in my hse, now has forgotten everything
My mom also taught her ABC and 123.
She knew everything. I think, she has forgotten those things too!
I miss her voice which always irritate me by the 
name Sunilpa(pa means brother is Punjabi Language)
May god bless Bella and Dhiya
Y'all will remain in my heart forever!