Monday, February 22, 2010

Lymphocyctes, Please Help Me!

I've been having a terrible cold for the past 2 days. For what I can say is, today I suffered the most. Decided not to skip school, i went to school and encountered my greatest enemy of cold---dust particles! But however, these unstoppable moving thing is unavoidable. Lets look at the bright side now. Firstly, I'll develop an immunity for this type of virus which is unknown. That's why I'm watching for my body defense mechanism to fully react. Plz make it fast. Secondly, I get to sneeze a lot, and that's a great feeling. I don't know why I love to sneeze, but what i know that it makes me feel good....Next is, I can sleep all day long. What I really meant is you can sleep with no worries as you know that you have to sleep to get some rest. So, partly, that's a peace of mind.

But the worst part is-----consuming medicine! I hate medicine. But I will not show my ego towards medicines because I need some supplements to help my body and organize a perfect troop system. Neway, it's temporary. Now, I'm just waiting for my immune system to fully react and eradicate all these bacteria/viruses that has attacked my body. On the other hand, I also wanna be fully immunized by this bacteria/virus.


Since I'm not feeling well now. Lets blog about something.

A few days back, I asked my mom, How Will The Future Generation of Parenting React to Their Kids? This question caught my attention. Okay, lets consider for the time being. Now, our parents or grandparents say to us is usually about the Dos and Don'ts. Right? And also some superstition like wash your leg after coming back home at night, and so so on. You know there are hundreds or perhaps millions of them. So, this is the 'now generation parenting'. During our generation, what do you think We will do?

Are we gonna say the same thing as what our parents/grandparents used to say. Partly yes. But what about the superstition and our mentality. Superstition may deplete as time passes. Or don't tel me that a new superstition will develop like don't play PSP at night, the 'hantu' will hunt you down. HAHA! I would term this as the High-Tech Superstition. Lets get to the point. What are we really gonna say? Juz for an example your grandchild ask you that he wants to go to the club. Of course you will say, yes, yes! OR maybe one will say, I'll come along... Now you get what I'm trying to say!

These mentality difference differs everything in terms of parenting. Our generation mentality will be very different. We may let our kids to have a girlfriend or boyfriend easily. Because we totally understand bout it. It's mentality again. We may also allow our kids to loiter with their friends without much restriction.

One more thing, what are we gonna talk with our kids/grandchildren when there's free time. Are we gonna talk about their peers/, gf/bf, party, latest technology? I think, the best thing in the future will be musical understanding. Now, the oldies songs is still being heard by most of the old people. By our generation, people will not give a damn to ABBA anymore. And for what i know is more LADY GAGAs will exist. They will be the next Celine Deon, Whitney Houston and perhaps The Beatles.

Well, all in all, it's just my perception. I think this is what gonna happen in the upcoming generation. But this situation can be contrasted directly with the westerners. I think they have been doing this---having these kind of mentality. The ramifications is great&bad. It can be seen by their horrifying lifestyle. There are the Pros and Cons. Therefore, it's time to realize that we are the future architect of our generation. I think it's important to take this into account. Okay, I've been blabbering to much....Bye

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