Saturday, November 17, 2012


Waking up to this beautiful morning siping my cup of tea with Radiohead seems perfect. Well it seems like a cliche, but it's truly is. Relaxing alone at hostel here feel so good. Everyhing in the house the chairs, fan and even these tiny particles of dust seem like a friend to me. Pondering back on what's life is, maybe this is. In other words i'm just accepting what life has to offer me and move by it. Move along with it without regression or any negativity. This way life seem like a flowing water in a stream. Maybe this is how my life needs to be lead on. Well, 5 more years to go for my studies and I'm gonna make sure it's a worthful journey where one day I can sit and say, yes I had it. Well this is my current definition of life and I believe doesn't matter what definition lies in your head the most important thing is one feel happy and I'm happy. That's pretty much.
Have a pleasant day everyone :)


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