Monday, February 1, 2010

I Love My Life

Life's Brief Candle, says William Shakespeare. Undeniably it's true. But it that means life is full of sorrowness and hatred? Definitely no! I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare but i have to learn his masterpieces in school. Well, I can say that so far my life is great. But i still dun see any sense from Shakespeare's Life's Brief Candle.Well, let bygones be bygone.

At last, what i've been dreaded, for the last few weeks--)photo uploading. My cousins and friends keep asking me to upload photos on Facebook. Therefore I've taken this opportunity to upload all the photos at once. Thank god to the new type of uploading that is present on Facebook. It's so fast!.....So, mission accomplished!

School was cool today. Had a fun time with teachers and friends. Something new happened today. I started to use a pencil box, for the second time in the secondary school history(used last when i was form 1). I think its a good decision because I dun need to borrow stationary from my friends especially, Qayum, whom I'm sure is quite irritated by me. But i juz need one more thing, a correction tape. Once I have that, I would reckon myself as a completed-student. Told my mom to take me at the evening to buy it. She suggested me to have a haircut as well. Brilliant idea, i thought! I've been looking untidy in school, lately.

I need  to look after my appearance as I'm the class monitor. Dun one to give a bad example to the other students. Moreover, my discipline is getting bad in school! Most of the time, teachers will order me to shave!  'Nermit, shave tomorrow'!  I always will be like, ' teacher, i can't do anything. Its hormonal issue'. I can't shave everyday. If I did it, i would be spending almost half-an-hour a day in the bathroom. Juz imagine for one week how long would i take--)30 minutes x 7 days, OMG, its 210 minutes. I would rather watch Avatar to spent those precious time. However, i will try my best to manage my looks in school. I have to!

Today is Kee Yong How's Birthday. There was a cake for him in school. I was ashtonished when i saw them bringing the cake into the classroom. At the same time i was excited as it was CHOCOLATE cake. I knew I would get to taste it! Yummy.... Yong How was extremely shy when he was cutting his cake. He is a kind of guy who is very quiet and intelligent. . But, once you get to know him, his jokes will make you laugh. Yong How is also known as The King of Add Math in my class. It's no miracle coz his hardwork is obvious. Somehow, it inspires me.

Thank god i brought my camera today. Manage to capture this wonderful moment. For the first time i got to take Kee's photo without any intereference. I took some great shots of him. Will be uploading that later. Here is the sneak-peek
Enthusiastic celebraters....
Who ate this part?

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