Monday, February 8, 2010

Joyous Week!

Last Saturday, 6 of February,

I had a unpredictable week which has turn out to be super fun and adventurous! Last Saturday, I went to school as to replace it with CNY holidays. Skol was pretty much the same as the chinese in my class kept makin decorative stuff to decorate the class and the school hall. Their excitement never ends! Well, most of the time I spent my time doin homework in skol to finish it up so that it would be easy for me, later on. Then an idea popped out on my mind. I thought of cycling in the afternoon. Since i don't have a bicycle I went to Afiq to discuss about this matter. He said that he has 4 bicycles but he is not so sure about their conditions. But he is quite sure that 2 of them are in a good shape. So it was a deal! I will be borrowing his bicycle. Suddenly, Amin heard our conversation and he decided to joined in. Then, Qayum, Suresh and lastly, my bro. It was the most anticipating part. I knew that we are gonna have a great fun.

I slept a while and mom left us to Jessica's hse to borrow her bicycle coz there was a bit of change of plans. Once i got it, i played for about 10 minutes and after that, the rain pours. I was so, damn upset. But i kept myself positive that the rain will stop. I kept sayin that to myself! And it did. I waited for nearly 40 minutes for the rain to stop. Soon, we met together, altogether 6 of us, Amin, Qayum, Termit, Suresh, Afiq and me, and we started out journey. We planned to go to Horizon Hills.

Reach there after one hour. To our greatest astonishment, there were places where we hv never, I mean never seen b4 in this area. I was like OMGsssss. Shit man! It was a spectacular view. And there were hills around us as the place of the name is Horizon Hills. We tried to go to the hilltop and we made it! For us, it was one of our greatest challenge!
Believe It or Not?

At the hilltop, we were getting late so we rushed back home! I can say that the bicycle that i was using which was jessica's, was the fastest among everyone's. I rode the bicycle very, very fast! It was a great experience. We reach home about 7.20. Overall, it took us about 1 hour 50 minutes journey. It was worth spending that time!

My Rules For Cycling
  1. Never look back when you are cycling, especially on the main road.
  2. Never get panic when you are lost.
  3. Try not to avoid holes on the tarmac as vehicles are passing around.
  4. Last but not least,enjoy your ride!

Yesterday, Monday 8 of February,

The day of Larian Perling@Merentas Desa. Was so excited to go. Went at 2.30pm and the crowd was satisfying coz i thought that only a handful of students will attend. I'm glad there are still reliable students in school. At first, we warmed-up with a few great songs. Starting from there, the fun began! By 3.15pm, the race started. As usual some egoistic students ran when the race started. After 200m the were breathless. Haha. I ignored all the runners who ran faster than me. I kept a constant speed all the way! I knew tat i would cut them. Most of them, i managed to. I was also feeling so thirsty during the run as the weather was blazing-hot. Thank god, one of the rescuer gave me water while i was running, Later on, Bobby also gave me. Lastly, managed to get no 26! Was satisfied.
The Faces of Champions

After the run, I decided to cycle around. Took Jessica's bicycle and cycled for about 10 sec from Qayum's hse and it broke down. I could not peddle anymore! DAMN.. I was so scared since I only have RM 4 in my pocket. Neway, I took the bicycle to the nearest bicycle shop. There, i told them what was the problem. Then, one man treated it. I duno what he did. I asked the lady over there how much would it cost. First, she said RM 8. Then, after talking some shits, she said RM 18. What the shit, lady? Stop shitting with me. I'm not born, yesterday. She quickly took of a receipt for me. Then, i made up a story and managed to go of from that place. While I was leaving the shop. The bicycle was perfectly alright! I was so happy! But the screws and all was not tighten. However, i decided to go to that shop again to tighten it back. This time the boss was there and he demanded RM 5 from me. Helplessly, i gave him RM 4, tats all I have. I ask him then what if, what you were sayin juz now happened? He said that the bearing or some shits comes in a set and he said it cost RM50+. From there, i knew that they are the real cheaters. So to everyone, don't go to that shop. It is located at the Pizza Hut row. They made my life miserable!

By that time, it was already 6.40 and i decided to run back home. Literally, i ran! By time I got home, I have to do gardening. I took another 40 minutes to do it! By 8pm i was half-dead! I jumped on bed at 9.20pm.

Today, Tuesday 9 of February,

Just now, i woke up at 6am, i brushed my teeth, ate bread and drank tea, and wanted to setup my timetable. I was reluctant to go to school, but i thought tat i really need to go. So I asked my bro today's timetable. After analyzing it, I decided to skip school today.
Now I'm resting at home!.........

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