Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water---Droplets or Water---Fall

CNY week has been a great week for me. I've been enjoying + studying for the past days. Studying, in terms of having those continuous thoughts in my mind so that my interest in studying will not loss it's appetite. On the other hand, I had a great fun as well. But, eventually, this is not the REAL fun that I usually experienced! I've been very, very tired for the past week due to the lack of sleep. My sleep deprivation has showed me it's true colours. I never thought that I will be lethargic and in the situation of utter exhaustion! Well, starting on last Monday, I've been getting enough of sleep. Now, I can feel halo of the day clearly and enjoy my daily activities. Based on my experience, lack of sleep causes
  1. tiredness
  2. loss of mood to study, read, play games, etc...
  3. increase in appetite(honestly)
  4. depressed!
  5. giving up in everything
  6. demotivate of oneself
These are the feeling of sleep deprivation. Well what I've also learn is that I CANNOT sleep less than 8 hours. I mean if i do, for sure, I'll be having those effect that is stated above. But I still gonna try my very best to get use to this schedule.

Last Monday, my family and I went to Kota Tinggi Waterfall. At first I didn't want to go, but after intense persuasion I went! As it was anticipated, the trip was boring as not many relatives came along. Moreover, when we reached there, we noticed that the water was less. I mean that the waterfall that is flowing, flows with an amount of water which is not as it used to be. So the feelings of excitement was not present. However, there were no other choice than dumping in the water. The water was freezing cold! Due to homeostasis,we managed to get 'used to' it. We spent about 6 hours. One thing that I enjoyed was the food. There were a variety of food cooked by my aunts. You know after swimming, we grabbed the food and stuff them in our mouth. It was delicious!

Well, i woke up early this morning, even i slept late last night. I'm gonna take a rest in the afternoon just to cover up my schedule. I know everything is gonna be alright!

Well, song of the day is Redemption Song by Rihanna. This song was first sung by Bob Marley. It's Rihanna rendition of the song. It's actually a tribute to the catastrophe taht stroked Haiti!
God Bless Them
I took it from my hand-phone camera. Sadly i brought my camera but left the memory card in my computer!
took dis beautiful shot when we're heading back home

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