Friday, February 12, 2010


Sigh.....It's been one week I did not get sufficient of sleep. I was very busy with my school work and I was tired because of some intense exercise. I know this will not last for a long time, It will get better once I continue to exercise regularly! Last night, I got a good night sleep. My body cells which are not recovered has been doing good now. I'm felling much better. So, holiday has began. What's the plans? Definitely not going for a holiday or vacation. Need to revise my studies--form4 & 5. It's not an easy task, i know! But perseverance will solve the problem. Need to finish my ICSS up to Chapter 3, need to do all my Physics tuition's exercise that teacher has given to me. Didn't start it at all! Need to finish up my Tatabahasa, did nothing since the Kesalahan Tatabahasa homework. Not forgetting, Moral Folio, and yesterday's essay. My main goal for the holidays is to finish my homework, ALL!

For my entertaintment, I'm gonna watch Valentine's day within this week. Mainly is to see The Taylors--Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift! Wanna examine their chemistry. And of course to feel the excitement of the Love Week. Well, really need to organise my time well.

And I have make a point. I'm not gonna try to talk or to 'work on' on the people who hates me! F off. Juz leave me alone. I wanna concentrate on my wanting. Instead, gonna focus on my achievements. I have hundreds, maybe millions of other friend. YOU do not decrease my friends populations. Leave those idiots alone.

Neway. nothing much I'm gonna say. Enjoy your holidays to the max. To the Chinese, I'm waiting for your invitation. Happy New Year to y'all!

Lastly,  need to introduce one song to all of you, It's by Ceryl Cole ft Will.I.Am., named 3 words. Listen to this song. It's a love song... \
Signin off............SUNIL

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