Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Splendid Day

So far, my day turn out to be wonderful today. When i woke up in the morning, my cousin was bringing my computer back home! I'm so excited. She is in the pink of health, now. And the best thing is nothing was deleted from my computer. I mean the photos, songs and my personal data. OMG, to my greatest astonishment, it was all fine. Perfectly fine! I'm so glad. It's a good morning-start. Then, got dressed to go to see the Thaipusam celebration at the glass-temple which is the first glass temple in Asia, i think! It's beautiful. I was stunned when i saw the newly-build temple. The structure was beautiful. There were many photographers there. But i think money rules the temple. If u wanna keep ur shoes also there will be charges. WTH? And when i entered the temple, i started taking photos, then i noticed that i need to pay RM 3. I juz did it! However, it was really beautifully constructed. I enjoyed going there as it was my first time.

Its beautiful!

After that, we continued to the part wher the ceremony took place. It was when kavadi(the thing which the devotees carry) procession goes on. Enjoy looking at those beautiful Kavadis. One thing that made me happy, there were not only the indians, the chinese and also the malays joined the celebration too. It's a multi racial festival. It was a wonderful sight to see. Not forgetting the free drink that was being offered to everyone. There was tons and tons of drinking water. The best drink was Lassi, a traditional drink made by yogurt. OMG, i think, i drank about 5-6 cups. It was very tasty as i dun drink it always. After that, the crowd got worst and it was so congested to walk. But we manage to slip by the people and went to eat. Food and Drink was FOC. The food was marvelous. Everyone got to eat. Saw the rice that they cooked. Its A LOT!......... AND i saved a hen there in the middle of the crowd by returning it to the owner.
The crowd was crazy
Later on, continued watchin the procession. It was all nice. Met a few friends. On the way back decided to go to Danga City Mall coz there was something goin on there. Roam around and bump into a tiger and  snakes. There happened a history. For the first time of my life i touch a cub and a snake. It's a pleasant feelings. Wanted to take photo with the tiger but decided nt to coz his trainer was charging RM 20 for juz a photo. Damn, that was a cut-throat! Somehow, i managed to take one photo without him, noticing. I asked the trainer, it was an indian man-how old is this cub, he answered 6 months.  So i kept asking him questions and at one point he told me that '' you go and read yestersay's Star newspaper, all about me is written there''. I was like, what a trainer. His high degree of ego made me to move away from him. And the most stupidest thing he did was by counting his money at the middle of the crowd. Shameless ass. He juz took out a bunch of notes from his pocket and started counting it!....

u see?
lovely cub
Then, on the way back home went to visit Harvinder in the hospital. She is not well. Get well soon, Harvinder. She;s being treated well at Johor Specialist!

Now at home and feeling very tired. Got lots of stuff to do with my newly-arrived computer. Mainly upload photos. Haha. I'll get that done ASAP. Alright, byes.............

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