Monday, June 21, 2010

Back To School

Based on the two-weeks school holidays, last Friday was the only day I felt boring. I felt useless and disgusted, for no apparent reason. I bacame agitated with everything-->computer, food, TV. I was totally out of control! Then I decided to call my friend, Amir. I asked him whether I can go to his house or not.  He said yea! So I walked to his house. When I reached at his hse, we decided to walk. Like go for a long walk. We called Daniel too and he joined us. Ridhwan went to Jusco shopping, so he couldn't join us. We started our journey right-away.

During our journey, my stomach grumbled and asked for food. Due to my severe 'can't stand hunger' thing, we headed towards 7/11 and bought breads. I ate all of them! We continued our journey. This time we ventured into a new place, somewhere at the Sutera, where there's a school. We entered into the jungle and had a pretty tough time as there weren't an trails for us to follow. We literally made our own trail. We managed to escape from that so called jungle and we cheered for our accomplishment. Once we are out, we headed towars Kg. Bakar Batu. I've been there b4, but not by foot.

So we walked further and once we are in that area, we sensed a 'kampung' feeling. Everything was old there, I mean the houses, the stalls, stuff like that and there were cows wondering around. The people there was indigenous as well, not all. Some were very dirty looking. We spotted some of the orang asli drinking Carlsberg. I think, that's pretty cool! haha...

As planned we got back home by 7. That journey gave us a good experience and a sense of accomplishment.

Woke up at 11 and watched movie. By 2 got ready to go to Balqis' house. She was celebrating her birthday. So she had a small party where her close friends were invited. I was astonish to see her house cos it is walking distance from my house. And her how is beautiful. It's so huge and 'looks expensive'(i can't find a right word). We all felt like 'home' when we were there. Too cosy....camwhored and enjoyed the food there. Ate so many meatballs. And went back home for Father's Day party at night at cousin's place.

The party was fun as we had a family gathering. So I got to meet all  of my uncles and aunties. We had a beautiful time being together. It's so nice to see us being together, again. We danced, played games, ate fabulous food, get intoxicated(take me out of that list) and chatted together. It was a joyful night. Suddenly someone came out with a plan, 'let's go to Kota Tinggi tomorrow'. I anticipated that this trip would be boring and I wasn't enthusiastic about it. Well, family comes first after all. So I follow them.

Guess what? We had a gala time once again. The waterfall was so soothing to see and the air was so fresh there. Food wise, no problem, there were plenty of them. Drinks was less, not much plain water. We manage to get over it till i over-drank water..LOL..

Went back home by 5 but reached home at 7 cos we went to the restaurant to take our dinner. The waiter there had a massive problem due to an unsystematic way of ordering. As a result he kept bringing food which was not ordered. However, me managed to eat it. We were tired after that and waited to go home. As I got back home I watched Kick-Ass and Sex And The City 1. Had a good laugh watching these movies.....
Overall, I had a nice and splendid holidays with my friends and family. I'm grateful that I spent my holidays with the thing I have always wished to do.....
Amin, Logman, me, Qayum

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