Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Of The Nights That I Will Never Forget

Party! It was Anil's and Anand's idea. So we're all into it! Decided to do at Jessica's hse. And we did!

Went to Jess's hse at 1pm. Then, all they way we prepared for the night. When it was 7pm, we lighted up the charcoal. We weren't the pro ones, so Nisha and I was like burning the newspaper and only the newspaper was burning. Brought kerosene, I decided not to use it to light the charcoal up for our health sake. Then I remembered my Chinese friends used some kind of prayer thing to burn the charcoals. So jess' mom ask me to drive the car and buy it. I wasn't a good driver at all. And I was freaking scared! But I said 'yes'. You know, it's fun trying something new. So I drove the care! I was freaking scared, but thanks to Prahveen, she managed to calmed me down. Reached at the prayer shop. Somehow, Prahveen managed to describe it to the man and we bought it. And we discovered something, the car LIGHTS was not on and the HAND-BREAK was up! I was like Damn, this is crazy. It freaked me out. Thankfully, we reached home safely. Jess don't tel this to your parents. Lol..

At last, by 7.50pm the charcoal was burning. I went back home juz to change and guess what? It took me an hour. I reached at Jess' hse at 9.10pm. By that time, many people came and the surrounding was so happening....I attacked the food first. There was a lot of food. BBQ-ed chicken, nuggets, hot-dogs, pizza-breads and etc. Soon, the music was on. It was like The Energizer. Everybody started shaking and moving. Especially the girls....They were moving their ass...haha!

Dance and dance for quite a long time and I was the videoman. Took great shots and videos. At the same time I juz move a little bit of here and there with them. They were all very nice people, even i juz met them. They were all so inviting and friendly.

Suddenly Jess' suggested to me a stupidest idea. FLOUR?. I strictly rejected No! But she seemed to be enthusiastic bout it. So, she asked me again, and I told her No again. Not long after Corn Flour was flying around the air. That totally pissed me out. She literally ruined her party. And her hse was in a BIG mess! Terrible mess....

And the best thing was her mom and dad remained calm and relax. They were so understanding. After all, everybody had fun. Sorry Anand for being a little piss. I was juz not ready with the flour especially its was the sticky Corn Flour! Then, we played truth or dare. As usual, all the stupid daring will come out. The video will be out soon on facebook. Then we started cleaning the place together, thank god Prahveen, Suresh, Jessica and Anil helped me. We washed the floor just to get rid of the flour. We were quite pleased. But the condition of the hse was still terrible!

By 2pm we're in the bedroom, planin wad to do. First decided to go to CC. But CC would cost us too much as we do not have enough cash. So i suggested everyone to go for a walk. We literally walked around Perling at 2.30am. We were like the crazy kids wandering around. We're scared at the same time. Did stupid shit at the water station. U can see it in the video later...haha! Then, left Suresh at home. We walked to Suresh hse. But we didn't feel the tireness as we're all penetrated deep into our conversation. Starting from there, I began talkin about History with Cedric. It was pretty interesting as I got to know many new things bout The Christians. It was knowledgeable though. When we got back home, Cedric and I decided not to sleep. And we kept talkin bout our philosophy beliefs. Immediately our frequency matched. We spoke for the whole night and we didn't realize the time passed so fast.
At 5am we were a little bored so we went to Jess' brothers room and we started to talk bout martial arts and workouts. By 5.30 we went back to bed and noticed that there's no place for us to sleep. So we lied on the tiles. It was freaking cold.

At 6 we decided to witness the sun rise. We went out at the balcony and inhaled the fresh air and admired the beautiful scenery. And started camworing. We felt awkward at first, snapping photos together, after a while we're cool bout it. By 7, I was on the bed again and this time we were out of words to talk. Eventually, I slept. Cedric woke me up at 8.45 and he told me that his mom is outside. I unlocked the gate and he left. It's been such a pleasure meeting him. In one night, we spoke a million of things as if we have been friends for years.

Then, I woke everyone up and ate breakfast. Without hesitating, we started the cleaning again. I gotta admit, it was very tiring. But we persevered and clean the whole hse compound. Jess' mother was pretty satisfied and she told us that nex time y'all can have another party here. Isn't that great? Neway, thanks for everything aunt. Now I'm my eyes hurt badly and my bed is calling me. But I gotta say, this is one of the nights that I will remember for the rest of my lfe. Meeting amazing people is this world is just awesome. It's been a pleasure meeting all of you guys. We'll have another party nex time. For now, let's rest and regain our energy. Cheers!

 the whole gang
Sher Min and me

More pics will be uploaded on facebook....
for now, bye...

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