Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weird Facts

I noticed weird thing usually happen between my brother and me. Some things that caught my attention.

1. PMR
I remembered during the exam we were in separate classes coz the difference in our name as in T and N. So he sat beside my class. It was English exam. So i remembered it was speech and i was thinking about the opening words. You know like ' thanks to god for allowing me to....'. So halfway, i was confused with the spelling 'necessary'. So i wrote on the blank space 'necasary, nessacary, necasary, and so on. At last I think I didn't use the word. I used something else. When i came back home, I asked my brother about his English exam, he said he had difficulties spelling the work 'necessary'. I was like WTF. I had the same trouble too. Then i saw his question paper, right at the same empty space he was trying to spell 'necessary'. It totally freaked me out.

2. He fell down, while cycling. (a few days back)
Guess what, it happen to me after two days. While i was cycling, I tried to cycle to a higher place by pulling up the handle of the bicycle. Eventually, It was too late and i was fast. I spun more than 180 degrees and landed my head on the ground. It was very embarrassing.. I'm perfectly fine now! Thanks god only a few people saw. Juz hurt my shoulders a bit....

This is very common, whenever i'm sick, my bro will get. This has been happening since we're young.

Sometimes, our thoughts match. When we were in primary school, we used to do stupid things together. One of them was when we were sitting free, we will play a game name 'lets guess a song' It's like we have to sing simultaneously and see whether our song match together. Its like 'start' and we both will hum a song. Most of the time, our humming match. Weird!

UPSR I got 3As 2Bs. My bro also got the same and with the same subjects respectively. Even when we went to PPD to appeal for SMKSP, he was shocked also and that tricked his mind into approving our appeal-letter...haha! And we started talking about our similarities and stuff like this. PMR also got exactly the same results. Let's see for SPM.

For your information, we don't have the 'deja-vu' feelings and like' I know what you are thinking now'. It all happen in movies only.....But I gotta admit, most our thoughts are the same.....