Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Break-Down

Jessica's hse overnight was kinda mistake. I forced myself not to sleep and that disturbs my sleeping mode entirely. My nervous system and digestive system have to face the consequences. After I came back home from her hse, I did a mistake by playin badminton. I was out of energy, though I forced myself to play. But thank god I didn't forced  myself to the limit. I played badminton without the full spirit and made stupid jokes. I'm pretty sure that my badminton mates were pissed with me. As he told me 'we are wasting money, you are nt playin well'. Haha.
Hope that my selfishness help me on that day. I quit playin badminton half-an-hour before the end time. So I decided to go to Azri's hse.

I was very tired in his house. He just shared his camp experience with me and he seemed happy there. I mean very happy. He said he ate a lot and sneaked at the girls too. I'm not gonna reveal more. LOL...
After a while, a stranger added him on facebook and she was interested in him. And to make sure that she was a girl, we decided to add her on YM and videocall her. We had fun doing that. Thank god she was a girl. Well, I'm not gonna judge her beauty, but she was juz OK. Was listening to their conversation for a while. Funnily, I slept on his computer table. I was extremely sleepy. He directed me to his room and I slept there for about an hour.

When I woke up, I was already struck by fever. Can't walk back home. Took bus, and I froze in the bus. When I reached home, I can't sleep. Decided to explore the medicine cabinet and found flu medicine. Took it coz it will make you go full-swing.

Till now, I'm feeling unwell. Hope I will better soon. My stomach is just not well. I'm feeling as if my stomach juz got reset-ed. That's the best expression I can gv, for now. Alright, tomorrow watching The Karate Kid with a bunch of friends. Pretty excited bout it.  Gtg, then...

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