Sunday, June 6, 2010

Party Is My Current Drug

Books, I gotta put you on hold currently coz I got plenty of thing to do. Yesterday watched Prince of Persia with Amin and my bro. Then met Fida there.I gotta say that movie is brilliantly directed. The movie is very classical and it signifies the Kingdom-age. It was also very suspicious as some of the story line was unpredictable. But I gotta admit that the ending was over-satisfying. Haha. The ending is like, the starting of the movie. You know what I mean if u have watch it. Well, the actress Gemma Arterton who acted as Tamina is utterly gorgeous! She is the perfect choice. She has a very beautiful and sexy body indeed! I can't take my eyes of her.

The main message of the movie is Destiny Rules Everything. It is destined to be that way. The graphics was pretty good but I expected more 'real' parkour . It was much camera trick. Well, Jake Gylenllhaal was great too. Wait, help me too pronounce his name(lol). Overall, it was great!

Before that, last friday, exams finally ended. And it was indeed a big satisfaction. After the 3-freaking long weeks, where we endured with full of suffering, finally it ended. Thank god.

After school, we headed to the Badminton Court. Played after one month plus and misin it so much. I played till I dropped. After that we went for a minor photoshoot juz to please ourself. In other words it was like 'shiok sendiri'

And now i'm very tired. The badminton and the walking at CS has given me bad aches on my ass and my hips. Thanks to my fitness instructor, Logman, with his help I managed to ease the pain. Thanks dude!

I'm gonna try to sleep now and tomorrow definitely not going to school. Gonna rest. Thought of going badminton tomorrow. Let the day come and see how it goes. Ok...I gtg...i'm enjoying the radio now......
me, Fida and bro

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