Thursday, June 17, 2010

A 'Yes' Could Make A Big Difference

It was after a joyful afternoon where I was loading movies and watching them online. I was on facebook and suddenly my cousin came down at my hse. They were like, 'let's go to my house now'. This has been one of the many invitation. I was not ready to go and furthermore on the next day I had to go to CS. Somehow, they persuaded me and after a long-thinking, I decided to say Yes, 'I will stay at your house tonight' i told them. Quickly packed my stuff and headed towards their house. I brought my book along in case I could read if there's nothing fun to do. The moment I reached there, they planned to go to watch football at Modestos. I was just in their plan, wherever they go. Again, changes my clothes and wore cousin's clothes. It fit me perfectly- a T-shirt and shorts.

6 of us sat in a Kancil. We managed to squeeze in the car. When we reached there, as planned we went to Modestos. First time I'm goin there and I found the place to be a nice place to hang out and relax. Especially with the live-band. But sadly, they couldn't sing my requested song-I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and Creep by Radiohead. It didn't bother me and I requested Hotel California by The Eagles. They sang amazingly and we danced gracefully! Haha....It was like just the other relaxing nights. After the football match we chilled out with our drinks. I was juz with the plain water. The match was pretty annoying coz the players kept falling down. I think, footballers are the best-actors on earth, honestly!

After a while, my cousin got off their chairs and headed towards the clubs. I didn't have any idea where they were going. I was juz following them and capturing pictures. Soon, I realized that they were goin to another club. It was Dolce. I was like shit! In a way I was excited as I've never been to Disco Clubs before. At the same time I was nervous too coz I was wearing shorts and I'm definitely underage. But the elder ones did the talk and somehow we manged to enter. They 'chopped' my hand with their own symbol. When I entered the club I was amazed by the amount of people. People were dancing everywhere and the music was so loud! And the people were all intoxicated. I juz entered and followed my cousins. My heart pounded with excitement and nervousness. We went to the toilet, first. 5 of us went. While we were doing our businesses peacefully, two girls entered in and screamed! I noticed that we're at the female toilet and I yelled 'owh shit'. We quickly got off the toilet!

We danced like crazy. I've never danced like that before. Juz move your body like nobody's watching you. Even I was completely sober, I danced madly. One thing that annoyed me was the cigarettes. I was gasping for fresh air in there. I took a little beer there as I was thirsty and I don't know where to get plain water. It taste sucks! Well, we continued dancing and this time we made a couple of friends. Chinese and malays. I think they were drunk coz I tried to talk to them and it doesn't seem like they know what I was talking. But the chinese were great dancers. They danced professionally! I can say, most of them were teenagers. I saw one chinese guy from our school, but I don't know his name.

It was a fun night and it was a totally new experience. Guess what, I spent RM 0 coz my cousins did all the payments. I also saw the true colours of people. Malay! You know what I mean. Chinese, as usual. Haha! It was a fun night, though....Literally I partied without alcohol. So there's no reason you can't enjoy without alcohol. Juz control yourself if you are tempted by it....
Bash n Me
Bash, Anil, Pel and Me

It was just another enjoyable night...
thanks to the 'Yes'

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