Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Downs-HAITI

First of all, deep condolences to the Sultan of Johor and thanks for the holiday.
Hope the new one will serve us well.

The earthquake at Haiti is unimaginably terrible. I'm devastated with the destruction. The buildings destruction is the worst one i've ever seen. God, please help them. I juz wish i could go there and help them. I can't help them much, but my prayers is with them.

Lately, i spoke to a friend about this. The reply from that person made my heart sank to the bottom. He said that they deserve it! I was like WTF. OMG there are bodies lying around there like nobody bussiness. They are lying there like rubbish. Even the bodies that are lying there has not been claimed by their family members. On the other day, i accidently tune my TV channel to CNN. I watched the recorded scene which was taken in Haiti. OMG. It was like war-zone. People was wadering around and homeless. There were hundreds of dead bodies around and people couldn't do much. They were too many. Most people got 'use to' with the surrounding. In every corner, noises of help can be heard from children and elderlies. I felt so bad when i watched it. Tears filled my eyes. I am helpless, so do they. Are they paying back for their sins? Do they DESERVED this catastrophe? DO THEY? Certainly not. We are not god to judge them. Juz do our part. For this, lets say a prayer for them...

Dear lord, please save those innocent kids in Haiti,
Their families and friends,
Please end this nightmare,
return the kids' their beds and toys,
their love ones,
their mother, father,
shoe, pencil, clothes, and HOUSE.
Mother Nature, sympathize them.
I know you can make a difference.

It's all up to you. I felt really bad for what had happened to them.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, our country Malaysia did nothing! Malaysia, do something. Give some help. Any help can save at least one person. So dun think that that the destruction is too bad,or already done a big damage. People are still dying, and people are still being rescued.I really wish i can go there now and help them. I WISH! I've heard this saying before life is not fair. Maybe its true.......also, really glad what are the celebrities are doing. They are donating money as well as promoting their prominence to get donation. Keep it up, guys. And Sandra Bullock thanks for the 3-million.

wait..mama is comin to get u..

'look at my hse'

can u compare ur make-up with mine?


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