Sunday, January 3, 2010

What If?

Tomorrow, back to school. Isn't that exciting. I really love to go to school! I would classify school as my second home, and the teachers as my guardians, and my friends as my sibling. Isn't that wonderful. A happy family in a school. Wad else a person needs?

Well, there's no point pledging the plans to do in school. It will happened as it is plan. So, juz go on as wad u hv wished...

Juz now i was juz sitting and reading last November's copy of Reader's Digest. The stories are mainly about our Home. I stopped reading it when i bumped into one of the suggestion sayin that ' What if men can fly?' I thought of it for a socond. Soon, i realized that i was pondering bout that question. What if its true? How would men be like on earth. I guess its not hard to imagine a man with wings. Lets try.................................

I'm sure a winged-man is in ur head now. Definitely! Then, try to imagine how is his living style. Is there any houses? Is there any vehicles that may be existed? Sigh, it seems that the questions are answerable. But it can be pondered, isn't it? Lets think together, what other significant diferences? I think if there is such a winged-man, religions would never existed nor any language! would they speak?

A single alteration in human appearance would make a huge difference in everything! Even if we have another extra hand! Gosh! I think, the global warming problem would be worst! There will be more crimes and and humans will be much more creative as they have to think further one step for the 3th usage of their hand!(based on my perception)

Another question popped out in my mind, What if the entire human race looks exactly the same. I mean in everything, same skin n hair colour, same nose, body hand, and eyes structure. Everything! How are we gonna react towards each other. In that case, its possible to make logical conclusions. We could refer to the DNA knowledge that is held in our hands. If the entire human race is the same, there will not be much genetic variation. Human are more vulnerable. Humans may not suffer from any religions misunderstanding, to be the best , models may nt existed and humans may nt be dressed as everyone looks the same. But then, the life span of a human may be very short. Human may die fast. And our extinction is juz a matter of facing it! Overall, its not a desireable wish. Therefore, people who do not feel content with what they have, dun wish this way to happen. The ramifications is catastrophic!

So, all of these 'What Ifs' questions are sometimes worth to ponder on, as it gives us an idea of how a slight change on something will emit a big impact towards everything.
Its also a way to make our mind active!
The main purpose of this post is to reenergize my brains before i step into the school!
Here i come, school!

One of the last days in school, 2009

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