Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funny People...

This is the second time im blogging today. Juz feel like doin it! It's fun doing.

Well, juz came back from tuition. Went to tuition at 5.30pm, came bac at 10. I attended to 2 tuitions today, Chemistry and Add math. It was really cool. Daniel Tan you rocks! Balwinder u are freaking cool! I'm conveying my deepest gratitude towards god for giving me such an extraordinary people in my life. I'm so pleased with my tuition Teachers. School teachers are also undescribeably good! My Lai you are smart! I mean really smart. He is a wonderful teacher as well. But i can't deny that you have a unpleasant voice. But are we gonna learn his voice or his knowledge? Think. I think so far he is the best teacher. Not forgetting, other teachers-ALL- no exceptions.

Hmmm the most funniest discussusion today in my hse was ways of treating acnes. My bro sort of havin minor acne problem. So we're discussing the ways of treating it. Of course, mailny it comprises of eating healthyly. A balanced diet with an ample vitamins. But suddenly superstition interupted. Bro told me that a malay superstition says that putting mucus on ur agne may cure it! Sound totally absurd. At least, this sounds better that the next superstition. The next one has been proclaim by my sister, according to her that rubbing underpants on your agne will cure it! totally unacceptable...haha. She actually knew it from her malay friend. That's aweful even when you hear it.  Superstition are unaccepted in real life. Maybe if you are desperate, you will do it!

Tryin to call Fly Fm now. Wanna really request a song named Prettiest Friend by Jason Mraz. Really wanna hear that song. Now, im takin a break. Not gonna revise anything. Gonna on9ling. if i have the mood later, maybe i'll study. Ok then, bye!

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