Sunday, January 3, 2010


I had a party at my hse last saturday. It was a blast! But i over-drank all the acidic drinks like wine, coca cola, orange and etc. So, yesterday, i got a terrible gastric pain. It attacked me after a day as the food began churning in my stomach. I suffered with the acidic stomach seriously, but now im better. Its juz that i have a little hangover. Well i could bear with it!
2010 School Session begins today. I was freaking excited to go to school. Met my friends and teachers. Thank god K.X kept me occupied during the assembly. We spoke bout movies and our future career. Learn today the difference between psychology and psychiatric. According to my bro, psychology is the study of human mind. Its like penetrating into their mind and studying their mental ailments. On the other hand, psychiatric is the study of medicine which can be used to treat the mental patients. Something like that. I hope you got the point. Its definitely not accurate. To know more, google it!

So today i'm declared as 5 Science 1 student. And also i remained as the Class Monitor. I am seriously not upset  because being a Class Monitor makes me responsible and aware of my work. In other words, it trains me to be punctual! I'm also glad to meet all the smiling faces in my class. And also a few new faces. Today, i felt as if im returning to school after a few years. It's like im a new student. Moreover, it's really fun getin back history teacher, Pn Teh. I know some of you don't like her. But i think she is better than the 'cercalatury' teacher. Get it! It's juz for the sake of comparison! Don't go beyond that please.....

Sadly my bro drop to 5 Science 2. Fortunately he's happy with his class, finally. He's telin me that at least there're no 'Shhhhss' in his new class. They treat him nicely. Wish him all the best in his new class.

I'm also satisfied with the school construction. Finally, its all over. Hope we will be transferred to that new building soon. U noe, it's the shiny new toy now!

Skol is cool! Can't wait to go tomorrow. Chow!

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