Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is It Real?

Last night slept bout 1am plus. I dreamt something that triggers my pass memories. I dreamt of my primary school friend. The dream is a very beautiful combination of primary and secondary school. Its like a perfect movie set-up!

He was my best friend when i was in primary 6. After UPSR results, i did a biggest mistake in my life which is leaving the school instantly! I'm freaking regretting it..I didn't even jot down any of my friends numbers nor meeting by teachers and telling them good-bye. I duno y i did it....My stupid act had caused me to lose ALL of my primary school friends. Non of them kept in touch with after that! It was a very sad and dishearting. I miss all of them. Recently i oni met a few of my old friends...

Okay, lets go bac to my dream. I met him at our current high school, SMKSP. He was there. There was an event goin on. Can't really recall it. He met me there and i was astonish to see him there. We fell into tears and i really sense as if it was real! Then, we sat together and kept chatting. And the best thing was, i realize that it is a dream. Isn't that strange. So i decided to 'keep dreaming' in my dream. Plz dun think i'm mad. It really happened. After a while, i noticed that the school is half-primary, half-secondary. Its hard to describe exactly. He looked exactly the same in his appearance....

So now, the question is ' Will it become true'. No one can answer this, obviously. I'm juz hopin to reunite with him soon. For your information he is Akif. Hope to meet you soon!

Lets set the dream aside. Today I woke up at 12.30pm. Hmmm, then of course, no breakfast! Dined with lunch straightaway...Then, i did nothing much, juz connecting the TV wires to my juz- repaired amplifier.  I'm nt good at this but i juz simply trying it. I juz match the wires with their consecutive colours. The results are bad as the sound produced was inaudible. Haha...i think its worth doin it than doing nothing. Later, was siting and browsing the net and i visited National Geography website to sign up as my elder bro was telin me that i can post my pitcures there and if it were chosen by them, i may get $50(US Dolar). I tried. And i was honest in the informations. Eventually, my honestly didn't pay off coz i'm underaged. So i left it. Soon my sis took the charcoal out and and the BBQ stuff coz we are havin a small family gathering tonight. Then, she ate it! I mean she bit and swollowed it. I was like WTH? Mom says its edible....i got no idea wad was mom talkin bout. I tried a bit and it taste like papers. LOL. Well according to Yahoo Answers its good for detoxifying poisons.....I dun noe whether its true or not!

 Well its raining now. Gonna BBQ tonight! But its raining. SO thats y im tryin to figure out how to please the rain god! sacrificing kids? no...Maybe,  praying would help. Okay then, my instict says that the rain will stop by late evening.

Gotta help mom n dad....bye...

Charcoal! dis was the one i ate

My best shot of the day!

There are so many flies hanging on the leaves. I duno wad that means. Its kinda strange!

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