Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adrenalin is Cool

Since last wednesday. i've been rushing everywhere, like to school, tuition, school and tuition again, Started from wednesday, i was so late for Add Math tuition. I was afraid that i will not get a strategic place or the teacher might start teaching. I did not wan to miss any topics. So, we rushed from home at 5.30 and reached there at 5.40. We made it. He haven't started anything yet! But my heart was pounding and and my body was filled with adrenalin. At first, it's a bad feelings of havin it. It's like your anticipation increases from the bad one to the worst one. But i managed to calm myself. When i reached to tuition, it felt nice, actually. It's like a total-calm feelings. I think that's the effect of adrenalin.

On thursday, we were late for physics tuition agian! Rushed again to reach in time. Again, managed to make it! This time the adrenalin doubled. Initially, the feelings was totally bad. But once i'm in tuition, i felt really good. Manage to understand teacher's teaching. He's quite good. Therefore, i have to neglect the other people's perceptions on him.

Well, today, The Open Day of the school. Last night, we planned to go at 11am. Unfortunately we woke up at 11.18am. I saw the time exactly(according to a source). Then i woke up and ironed my uniform and flied to the bathroom. Gosh it took me juz a matter of minutes, but my body is clean. After that, got dressed! And by sharp 11.30, i was ready. I reckon tat this is my fastest dressing time. It was freaking fast! Then, mom, for the first time drove so fast on the road and by 10 minutes we were in school. Met class teacher, no complains, obviously coz she is new to us. Then mom wanted to meet Pn. Puspha. She said that my bro n me looks like stars. See said we have the looks. It blushes my brother, but not me and my bro answered 'after SPM' which meant he will persue his career in acting. lol. Overall, i'm satisfied with my results. And of course i will not take this results into consider much. Have to work hard now!

OK. lets go back to the adrenalin. Now, i'm feeling nice......It's like the feeling u have after havin a workout! It's satisfying. Totally. From this analysis, i found out that adrenalin makes people feel good. But scientifically, i duno the real reason behind that. But i think its in form 5 syllables.

i wanna play badminton today. I'ts been long time since i played, last. Callin people around.....

Ok i wanna rest. Bye.

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