Thursday, January 7, 2010

The School That Rocks!

OMG...School life is insanely awesome. I'm enjoying in school every second. Going to school signifies superiority, for me. I'ts like we're on top of the world(without ego).

We'll its been a long time since i felt the intense sleeping feeling. U know that kind of feeling will show up when we don't get enough of sleep. I'm trying to get use to my new sleeping time. I know i can bear with it! After school started, my timing is always packed! I managed to sort it out perfectly, until yesterday which i left my homework because i had a nauseous feelings. But thank god it stayed in my stomach! Now, im eating healthily. I'm eating sufficient of vegetables, fruits and a well-balanced diet. And for your information, my favourite vege is Broccoli and my favourite fruit is Tomato and Papaya. Its delicious. It's taste can't beat any other food! Love it!

Last night as i told you that i was havin a nauseatic feelings. I quickly slept straightaway.When i was about to sleep. I touched my heart. I felt it, when i was perfectly relaxed. I felt my heart pumping. U noe, its a wonderful feelings. Then, i felt more, penetrated my mind into it! I imagined my atria, ventricles, aorta, capillaries, veins and arteries. Its like studying a bio book. Exactly! So after that, i felt asleep. For me its one of the best night!
OKOK gtg
got tuition later

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