Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eradicate The Camouflage

*to everyone who is reading this post. plz don't get insulted as this is juz my point of view. thanks*

After reading the 'church burning' articles. I decided to write. This circumstances is getting from bad to worst. Why? Some uneducated bastards had misunderstood a small word. Doesn't matter what word is it! The made a hell of a mess. I'm not gonna side any religion or any beliefs. But I'm gonna emphasize on the true meaning of words. First of all, where does words come from?(ask yourself) It has been created by this so-called 'humans' which has been created by humans. Get it? What i'm trying to say is that, why do we fight for the thing that we have done? Why do we covet for the things that does not belongs to us, but belong to the world. Why why? All the 'WHYs' answers are attached to us. So grow up and realize. Ask yourself.

I was totally devastated when i juz read the article on the internet. 2 more churces has been burn down. Those are wasted infernos. Initially, this exasperation has been caused by a misunderstanding on the word Allah. I seriously convey my respect to this word as i noe that this word is very sacred towards the muslims. But in direct translation to the arab language, the word Allah denotes god. So doesn't matter you call god by  god, Allah, The Supreme Being, Your Highness or any other words. But we all noe that it's present(excluding the sceptics). So why creating a hell of a mess? Burning down churches juz because of one word. I understand that the Muslims felt defeated and disapointted with this situation. But do they have to burn down churches(not refering to all Muslims) to overcome this problems. I know that there are many 'politic things' goin on at the high court. But who cares. We are all knowledgeble religiously. I believe that in the holy book of the Muslims, there are restricted to commit these horrible act.

My main massage is to banish this current mentality that we have! Uncover the camouflage. It's just like our selves. Can we define ourselves? Try....I'll give you a i'm a good person, etc.....
If u have defined urself, it means that you are creating an identity of yourself. You are yourself. You are not others. You are just you. If you are trying to define yourself, it means that you are creating a camourflage on yourself. Juz let it be, Let you be you! Dont think much, juz be you.

That example, exactly could be compared to the 'words' misunderstanding. So, in a conclusion, STOP fighting over words and and live your life. There are many great this you could do! As what Marina Mahatir told, 'Even in the al-Quran is written that muslims are not allowed to destroy any religious place'. Thanks for the realization. I'm sure, she has opened some blind-folded eyes. I wish there are hundreds of political influences like her.
Anyway, I've heard that people saying not to trust politicians. Okay, lets make it clear, try to look at the bright side frequently. That's it! Then you will realize and be aware of the beauty of the world. I have some friends who have come to the state of realization. I'm so happy with their success. It's a success. I hope more people will understand about the world and 'words' does not define everything. Love yourself and the others. If y'all wanna fight, fight for Global Warming! Which is a major global problems that we're facing. Burn the jungle invaders out!

I hope the inferno won't cause any chaotic circumstances in my lovely country, Malaysia. Don't spoil her, citizens. That doesn't mean that any misunderstanding or confusion must be eliminated. NO! It can be discussed and by perpetual action. Everything can be solve. And also to all my friends out there, it doesn't mean that we must not bother of what is goin on in our country, we must know and find a solution to solve it. It;s ours.

Overall, lets spread the love and convey our deepest respect towards all religions-Punjabi, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, that's all I knew and all others that's exists.

If dis innocent child knows what respect is? Why can't we?
(took dis pic when she gave me this pose, suddenly)

If one needs respect, one must respect the others first!

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