Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Madness


...Last nite was like the best nite in my entire life. Seriously! At first we planned to move from home at 6pm, but due to the lack of punctuality, we moved at 7.30. We first went to prayed at the temple and then we rushed to The Zon to get a liquor bottle since its duty free, so it will much more cheaper. Then, everyone went to get the liquor in The Zon, but i didn't follow them coz i wanna explore the party tat was goin on ther.  When i stepped into the Pubs and Bistros area, i was totally shocked. Its been a long time since i have been ther. Its like almost two years. There were so many clubs around from Modestos to Cabanna. Damn, it was really, really cool. Most ppl were partying around. Guess wad, ppl at our age also was clubin. I was like wad the hell, where did they get the money from? Then, i wandered around and took many photographs . I recalled the pass construction in that area. I remembered that there was a Floating Palace on the sea. It has burnt down several years ago. There were clubs ther. I manage to go till the entrance coz i was too young at that time. But now, the place is like THE PARTY place in JB....They took a while to buy the liqour and they got a Vodka and manage to bring it out. B4 tat when we were heading towards the zon, we were stopped by a policewomen. She is a chinese policewomen. Tats a rear site sight. My bro flattered her. She said ''do you know the Malaysia's rules'' coz our car was overloaded with 7 of us in a Proton Saga. We sat ridiculously! haha...but she was a nice women. She left us. lol....


headed towards Danga Bay. We had marvelous fun there, though we were quite disappointed with the Danga Bay authorities becoz there were no firecrakers was burnt last nite. But soon after the clock hits 12a.m we had a blast. The band there. was seriously awesome n cool! They are freakin good! We were astonished by their talent. Again, i did not drink the Vodka much. Juz a few sips. Then after the band ended, we created out own band...haha! We met another Punjabi family n danced with them and an Iranian family. They are wonderful people. They joined us all the way. They even sang an Iranian song for us. It was Crazy, crazy and crazy!!! Reli gila la. Those guys are amazing. Sang all the way till 3am. Then decided to go bac and went to mamak restaurant. Its like the Christmas Party plan....

Its was the best party ever ever. Damn....! Its definitely a good start for the year 2010.

I need to apologize to all of my friends hu texted me. I didn't have credit in my cell.
So that is y i neva reply a single of them. I'm sorry once again. n also thanks for the 3am messages..
Its 2010....yesterday when comin bac from Danga Bay i told to my cousin 'nex year is SPM year' Soon, we burst into laughter and realised its this year!lol...ok its a wake up call...see al of you in skol...bye!!!

Was stuffed in the car

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