Monday, December 7, 2009

It;s Finger Lickin Good

Yesterday i went to Danga City Mall to discover the book expo which most people was talkin bout. It was quite congested. There were a variety of books. I got perplexed by the options of the book. I didn't know which book to buy. I wish i can bring bac home all the books! Obviously, tats sounds impossible. So, i urged myself to choose the books ASAP coz it was getin late. So i choose An Awakening Earth which i saw on Oprah's show, last year. After that, my sis spotted an interesting book title, Why Is God Laughing At Us. Sounds interesting. My sis quickly grabbed the book. Our budget was-RM30. but when we were paying for the books, it came out to be RM77. We were quite shocked, but after a little discusion we found out that we miscalculate them. Well. we did not argue, but we decided to learn from our mistake. Then, we headed towards KFC since its been quite some time since we ate them. Went to Nusa Bestari's KFC. Bought it, ate it, and it was awesome. Lastly, we licked out fingers!

He was sleepy, tats why we went bac home fast!

 At the KFC...sorry bout the ass-shot

Today, i went to City Square. After a long time im using the word City Square since i always term it as CS. My bro went first with his friends. He said that his friends 'hate' me and i don't know why. But the truth is i have many other friends who 'love' me, so i don't give a damn!. Therefore, i went alone to CS from home at 5.30pm to continue shopin for the upcomin event as i've said from the previous post. The travel touched my gut a bit coz this is the first time im travelin by bus alone. Thank god i brought a book and it kept me occupied. Most of the people in the bus was like lokin at me coz i was readin in the bus. I don't think that it is strange. But i don't care what people does. So i continued readin the whole way, till i didn't realize that i've reached my destination. At CS, joined my sis n bro. Bought a pair of shirt and pants. I was 100% satisfied coz shopin is over. After a while, the shopin snatched some energy from us, so we decided to snatch it bac at McD. My bro, Anil got terrified after lookin at the salt sachet. It was writen Sodium Silica Aluminate(search it when u guys go to McD). He thought of CHEMISTRY.  What is their constituent charges? WOO! Finally, he felt the anxiousness of SPM. Thank God it was early and it started from CHEMISTRY. Its a good start! Overall, im quite happy coz I've the perfect outfit and the perfect plan for the upcomin days. I shall go to bed now. See ya!

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