Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm watchin you, CALORIE!

It's time to burn down some calories and get goin on the road. I've gotta strengthen up muscles to get in shape. I must neva strart tomoro, its all starts now! I've to get started now! I mean NOW! Actually i've been inspired by The Biggest Loser Asia Programme. Its an inspiring show. The contestants struggle to burn down their fats with various type reason where all of them share ONE goal-lose weight. Asian are really hard working, after comparing to the western series of The Biggest Loser. They are well-determined. So we are! The today's voted-out contestant was the perfect choice as the voters gave a similar reason-she could do it by herself. Tats the point! This show is all about getin inspiration and determination from the trainer. And i gotta admit that the host n the female trainer are gorgeous. The are in the fit shape. Not excluding the male trainer. He's also lokin strong. But the female trainer is not good enough to convince her trainees to work hard. That's her week point. Overall, the trainers are good n i wish them good luck!. Currently, i'm on Ken's(biggest guy) site. I hope i got his name right. He is physically strong but mentally weak. He is figuring himself out and tryin to manage his diet regime. GO GO KEN!, get that Thick-double-Chin off. Make it as Doubled-Chin. Get it?

Well i had a problem findin Rafael Nadal's pic. I searched the pitcure through Yahoo by typin-'A Fit Boy'. Stupidly, it came out many underwear pics....LOL. Try tat out and make sure the 'save search' is turn on, if not it'll be worst. Neway, i came out with dis pic from google then. RAFAEL is cool!

In the afternoon, i was freakin bored, so i photoshopped! I search Aiswarya Rai's pic n Jessica Alba's. I tried to blend their pitcures together n it took my whole afternoon, coz at first the editing was perfect! But suddenly my PC turned off. I persevered and did it again. Lets take a look at it.......

The Gorgeous Aiswarya Rai

The sexy Jessica Alba

and what should i name her now.......hmmm.......Alba Rai?

Well, i enjoyed doin this stuffs. Its interestin, u now. Hmmm i juz wanna play badminton. I juz need a fix partner. Dun ask bout my bro coz he is not a die-hard fan of Badminton, i'm really really searchin one.
Thank god Amin n Qayum are there. Most of the time ill play with them. But three of us usually play together, thats a bit difficult! But we always enjoy our game as we will crack our stomachs with laughter. Ok, planin to play badminton tomoro. It all depends on the circumstances. GTG then.....

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