Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Crazziest Wedding Ever

The wedding celebration was awesome. We had a splendid time together. Met all of my relatives after about a year. There are many huge transformations on their looks. Some of them put on weight, whereas some lost weight. Is a sort of a hectic n enjoyable 5-days. We enjoyed like shit and the wedding arrangement was perfect. But there was a lot controversies during the wedding. Though, it all went nicely. After all, we had a great fun! Now im gonna list down wad we've done during the wedding:

Started our journey to ipoh at 4.30a.m. in the morning. It was my dad's idea. We woke up easily as we were thrilled to go to Ipoh. Mom cooked Nasi Goreng which was delicious. We ate it throughout the journey. This saved us alot. It was mom's idea...The journey was wonderful. I enjoyed the splendour view throughout the journey. The palm trees made me proud of my country. I also enjoyed lokin at the beautiful mountains. It was so satisfying. Every second i enjoyed. It soothes my eyes....

This was wad i'm talkin bout! 'reflectors'
On of the best thing during the journey was the empty road in the morning. The road was clear. It's hard to find this state of the road especially in Perling. It is like a huge relief. We don't need to suffer from the traffic jam. The next thing i admire was the tiny like 'reflectors' along the highway. I duno wads tat called exactly. Moreover, the roads were upgraded. There are three lanes now, unlike last time, there used to be only two lanes. The spacious road enable the drivers to speed their cars. Unfortunately, my dad does not like to speed. He maintained the speed about 80-100 all the way. So the velocity is small. Although dad's driving was slow, we enjoyed the wondeful journey. It took us about 7 hours. Our asses felt bad. And our legs were ached.

During the way, we were navigated by my sis's cell. I track down our journey all the way. We travelled from the south to north. I remember of Pn Soh on the way when i spotted TASEK. Remember? It is the biggest cement production in M'sia. I was excited. So reach there at 12.30. Was slightly late coz went to my dad's hometown at Tanjung Malin. Ate brunch there.

Partied again. Had a tradisional event. Y'all wil never noe if i say if. We left the elderlies to perform it. Let me say bout it a bit. In this event, one of the bridegroom's aunt must be dressed into a male and imitate all the characteristics of the male. There have to go to table-by-table to demand money from the men. Dis is a cool event. It was fun!Let me gv u the pic of how it looks...

Get it? LOL

He's cute...my cousin's son
The moment of truth. My cousin got married in Kajang Temple. It was so crowded. The photographers was fantastic. Every second they captured! They were so busy and they were wandering around and sometimes they look like flying bees.I adore them. THEY ARE GOOD! Saw the pitcures taken by them. It was perfect. They are the real profesionals. Every pitcures is stylishly taken.


The bride and the bridegroom

After that, traveled to Ipoh. Had a magnificent time in the bus. We sang, dance, camwhored throughout the journey. It took us three hours to reach to Ipoh. It was a tiring journey as i was sitting at the rear sit and it was very bouncy. By the time we reach ipoh we rush to bed coz we only got 2 hours sleep before that night coz the girls and the ladies woke up at 2a.m to dress. They invited a make-up artist. For a person it took about 30 minutes. There are about 10 over people. So it took them a long time...

In the bus
I would call him face-cheater

After the make-up, the girls looks so different. This made me realize of the celebrities faces which i used to adore. Its all fake. The most ugliest face can be transformed into the most beautiful face! The night went on great.


Dis was the day everyone has been waiting for. It's the wedding dinner. As i've mention in my previous post that i bought the perfect outfit. Indeed, it was! I really love it. I got tons and tons of praises. It was nice to hear. Though i did not forget the word 'thank you'. I was mentioning it all the time. The party was awesome. About 2000 people attended the party. Some unluckily people didn't get any seat........ Well, it was held in Red Cresent Hall.

The Hall
The hall started to be filled at 6.00.p.m. Thank god we need not to be worried about the seats coz it has been reserved for us. I arrived there at 7.p.m. It was half fulled. I ate the bites which was served. It was damn nice. After that, enjoyed the performance there. There was one performance from a belly dancer named Aiza. She is great hoofer. They way she shake and move her body was mesmerizing. The men was cheering for her. She is hot as well.LOL.

The hoofer!

On the way to the hall
Later on, we kept eating. When the dance floor opened, we burnt the stage. We danced for hours. It was wonderful. And i comwhored like shit. ENJOY, ENJOY and ENJOYED....more to come
cant wait for the wedding on the nex month which is this bridgegroom's bro. It is gonna be cool!
I LOVE punjabi wedding. U guys gotta see a punjabi wedding out there. It is really really fun.
ok then,
bye for now!

The rest of the photograph, check out on my facebook profile

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