Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pleasing The Rain God...

This activity has been inspired by literature. It was raining cats and dogs, 2 days bac. So we decided to clean the hse compound and play in the rain. Though, i didn't play in the rain, but i enjoyed lokin at my bro n my mom. It was in the afternoon and it rain terribly. It was the rain that i don't use to see. It was disastrous. We'll people, wake up, its the effects of global warming. Its our faults. Then, I enjoyed snapin pics. After washing the car and the hse compound with 'free water', we have to stop coz the rain was getin worst. So, we freshen ourself up

                                                  My plants

Playing in the rain

After that, we rested at home for a while. Then i started to read a book. My moron brother, switched on the TV. The rain got lesser, but the thunder is unpredictable. At one moment, a loud thunder stroke my hse and the main switch automatically shut down. My bro started to shiver and when he turned on the TV and it was gone. My TV is spoilt. Can u believe it? livin without a TV. OMG i was so sad, cant watch my programmes. Luckily, my mom has a TV in her room. So, we transfered it to the hall. Thank god, it is workin. But the TV size is not pleasant. Well, we have to endure it. 



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