Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Party Is Still On Fire!

On Christmas Day:
Gosh! Was tired actually due to the lack of sleep. But have to go to one of my relative's hse. Went there, damn, the food was good. Bump in to the delicious cookies. Love it! After that, ate all the food that was prepared by my aunt. The roasted pork was delicious. Then, visited her reared chickens behind the area of her hse. At that part, i felt a Kampung feelings. It was cool! There were many of them. Some of them are beautiful. And u noe what, we ate one of them. My aunt cooked a chicken which was chosen from there. Free meat supply! We spent time together with my aunts and uncles. Its reli, reli nice to meet them. Their sense of humour cheer the house. Later on we played cards. Not magic, but coincidentally we watched the encore version of The Simply Magic, Cyril. We were fascinated by his great talent and skills. Then, i juz simply watched the others played 21. LOL After a while, my sis gave me one buck to play. I won and i lost it. Which means i didn't lose anything. But after that i kept my side on my sis. I knew that we will win coz it happens most of the time, when there is my presence(no ego), we'll win! We kept playin and we got Doubles twice and Triple once. Our luck was great. Hmmm no, maybe its design that way. Think!


Felt like Kampung here



The big winner was no one. It was distribited evenly!


Christmas Night: 
Sis's friend invited us to her hse. I reluctantly went coz i was tired. It was like 10mins drive. Reach there, ate cookies again. This time it was even yummy! Then, went to Nisha's hse since it's juz a doorstep fm my sis friend's hse. Met her. Borrowed her The Orphan. Love that movie. She came along with me to the party. Ate the food. I ate twice which then i regretted. LOL. After a while my long lost friend came. Damn! I was like wad the hell! It's an Attraction!!! The other night i was juz hopin to meet a long lost friend when i was slepin and i visualized it! And it manifested. It worked!.... Met her, chat with her for a while. Spoke bout out old times and old friends. She didn't noe much bout them. Was really happy to meet her. She was my best 'girlfriend' in primary skol! I ask her of another friend. My best 'boyfriend'. She didn't noe much bout him. I'll figure him out someday. Snapped pics together, then....

They were insisting to us take this pic! So we did!

The girl in red was my long lost friend, Kausalyah

It was a beautiful party. Enjoy ther. Thank god i went to that party.  The Law of Attraction really work and it will always make thing better. But i need to computer the way of doin it perfectly coz my visualisation technique is still inefficient. Its like poking a nail in a wood by using a pen instead of a hammer. Get it!

2nd Day Of Christmas:
Stay at home at the day time. Chat with family all day. Watched An Education  halfway, coz it was boring. Then did a bit of gardening. Glad that my plants are glooming out. Mom then spotted a motorcycle that was kept behind the TNB. We felt a little fishy. Coincidently, got a call from my mom's friend. She said that her husband lost a bike yesterday. Immediately i examine the bike and identified it! It was my mom friend's. Called the police. They arrived and had a talk with my parents and everything was settled. Thought that they will do some investigation on the bike like findin the fingerprint or wad. They did nothing. Grow up policemen!

After that, got a visitor in my hse. Mom attended them. Then, got an invitation from another cousin for a small party. Went ther. They BBQ-ed. It was nice. But i oni ate 2 BBQ'ed chicken coz i was eatin all day. Played badminton with my cousins and bro. Was sweating d. Relaxed then. Played a game with my young cousin in his computer. Some hunting game. It was cool! For your information, i didn't drink at all. Not even a sip. Soon, dad was tired. Headed bac home and blogging and rearranging the photograph. Overall, it's an awesome day.  Still there are plaining for more parties. I'm on every of their plans....HAHA. so far its the best Christmas ever i've had in my life.......


This was the motorcycle

To be BBQ-ed



Playin Badminton...

Gonna sleep now. Felin tired and sleepy! Love musics...

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