Thursday, December 31, 2009

 i know wad u did last winter Tiger Woods

I hope the tigers out there, gonna accept us with open hands. As we know, 2010 is the year of tiger. Hope great luck, abundance, and prosperity is awaiting us. 2009 has ended in a very beaitiful and deady way. Beautiful - great movie production like Avatar, the Inaguration of Barack Obama, and of course  i've grown bigger and perhaphs handsome(honestly) but The are an ample of deathly stuff. Becoz that's wad we tend to focus to. Deathly-Michael Jackson's horrying death, a big fight in skol which involved kids.....u noe kids...haha, the economy crisis, and not forgetting the legendary golfer Tiger Woods who has a great sexual addiction which induces him to have countless bitches..hmmm, tats another word for mistress. Thats all i can conclude bout 2009. Wad else huh?....

Owh yea...i forgot bout 2009 new-invasion. I was introduced to the world of blog. Its an inspiring thing that was the most-talk-about thing in skol. U noe those blog fights. Huh! Susah la tu semua. But after all, we are all friends....Another great thing was i got a new computer during the mid-year PC fair. 'She' is now not well now. Currently havin a brain infection... Overall 2009 is a wonderful year. more thing. In dis year, the myth 2012 was proclaimed in the movie 2012. It is a terrying myth. Sceptically, i dun belive the myth. But wad i noe is the condition of our HOME is deteriorating. So my friends plz beautify our home in this upcomin year, 2010 with tress... ok i think thats all.

So i was juz thinkin to blog about movies since i've watch ova 15 movies within the holidays. So i was juz thinkin to be organised in this post.
ok lets get started start....

2009 Movie Reviews
Best Action-Pack-Movie: Taken
Best Animated Movie: Avatar
Best Directed Movie :Avatar
Most Saddest Movie : My Sister's Keeper
Best Novel--->Movie: The Blind Side

Ok thats all for the BESTs...
now the worst movie for 2009. I think its gonna be The Box. The movie story line totally suck, though the emotion of the cast was preety realistic. But sorry i dun judge a movie by their emotion(happy or sad), but based on the authencity and the rarity of a movie.

One more thing, The more anticipating movie of 2010 its gonna be Iron Man 2. I'm havin high hopes for this movie. Alright then, 2010 is a SPM year for me. Doesn't mean that i cannot party or enjoy my self. I juz hv to manage my time well. Okay guys, all the best for the upcomin year!
one more last thing.
Guys sorry for wateva i've done to y'all.
Wateva it is? Anything that might hurt ur felling
I apologize from the bottom of my heart!

Happy New Year!

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