Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Lost

It been a satisfying week for me. After comin bac from Ipoh, i've done so many activities that gave me great satisfaction. It's been a wonderful week. Though i've been heart-broken yesterday. Lets talk bout it later. Hmmm, wad i've done last week. Many activies that make me feel occupied. I've been reading books and watchin lots of movies. They are The Blind Site, The Boat That Rocked, The Box, Brothers(halfway-watched) and Zombieland. .The Best-Movie was The Blind Side. Its a great, lovely, touching and beautiful family story. It's also a very sad movie. Sandra Bullock did a great job. She acted as a mother. The storyline also was quite nice. I've been admiring Sandra Bullock since i watch the movie Speed. It is one of the best-action movie i've ever seen!. my instict says that The Blind Side is like My Sister's Keeper.

The worst movie was The Box. I didnt like the movie as the story line was juz a piece of shit. It doesn't make much sense, though. But Cameron Diaz is the real bomb. She is the REAL actress. She acted amazingly as in My Sister's Keeper. I hope she'll be wining an Oscar nex. She should!.

The most humorous movie was The Boat That Rocked. I was laughing my farking ass out. HAHA... Its was so funny. Watch it guys. Get a mate so that u can laugh like shit!
Okay, that is all for the movies review.Should i watch AVATAR on9? I duno.....
Nex I'm gonna talk bout my heart-broken story..

It was yesterday, when i was learning some photography skills in the internet, I saw mom, dad n my bro was garderning. Suddenly i saw my father was cutting a tree. His purpose was to shape up the tree. But eventually he distorted the tree. I was devastated as it was 3-years-old. It was a beautiful young tree. I seriously felt sad about that.....I asked my father y did he do that. But....u noe. He is my dad. Well, he didnt do that deliberately. He didn't manage to shape the tree up. 

 dis was my tree. R.I.P

Today, after my terrible and intense sadness. I decided to completely remove the tree. I did it reluctantly because the view of it is already bad. So i try to pull the stem out of the soil, but the roots was too stong. It has penetrated deeply into the soil. Suddenly, an idea popped out from my mind. Should i buy another plant and plant it?... I immediately called my sis as she is very understanding and instantly shared my idea with her. Without any hesitation, we quicky ran to catch mom to be our driver. Mom agreed. We shot off to the Camar Nursery to get a plant. Lastly we left there by buying three types of species and fresh soil. One of them was a christmas tree.(I duno wads the scientific meaning) We spent RM 35(its a cheap hobby). So, headed bac home, rearrange the plants and found space to plant the new ones. Finally, i felt happy with my plants. I wiil never, never, never, ever let anyone to touch my plants again. I treat them like my friends. I love and feed them everyday. So now juz need to wait for them to grow. Thats all, i think. I need to go now. Another book is waiting for me. Bye.....

B4 dis. Now they are also distorted. Waitin for them to grow again. Intense patients needs to be manifest...

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