Monday, December 21, 2009

Boring ------> Inspiration

These days im started to feel bored. It doesn't mean that i dun hv to do anything, but most of my daily activities seems uninteresting. Therefore, i ransacked my room drawer and found my camera Canon Digital Ixus's box. I explored it and found some cool stuff. i found the user guide and a few CDs. I went through the user guide and found many obscurity that were the functions of my camera. Soon, I became curious bout the camera. For the next two hours i explored my camera fully and now i can say that i can really do a few cool effects using my camera. U see, I learn something from nothing!....I was very enlighten by that. I continue exploring the box and decided to look into the CDs that are provided. I installed the Ximplify named CD and found out even cooler stuff. Basically, this CD is an online web where i can create my personal website and a blog and so on. I can even sell my photographs there. So, i made a website under my name: It sound really nice but i think it does not gv me an ample of benefits since im not a professional photographer YET... Remember yet!. Then found more CDs and install it and learn more new stuffs.....Enjoy that night with my camera. That's y dun think u dun have enough. Everyone has enough with them. Its juz that they dun noe it! Dun realize it. Dun appreciate it. Dun acknowledge it. Dun explore it. Be content with what u have and automatically u will sense the feeling of satisfaction. Do it now!

Last night, this same thing happened to me. So, i urged myself to sleep. I know it sounds stupid, but u noe desperation could do anything! I thought of the benefits of sleep in order to manipulate my mind. I thought of slepin repair ur skin. U noe, it rejuvenates ur cells and all those health benefits where u can be free from strees. U know wad, It works! Manage to sleep myself, but eventually i woke up after one hour. So thats call a nap where nap also emits many health benefits like it enhances your muscles growth. I'm happy with it, though. So I went to my living room. I lie down on my sofa and listen to my songs collection in my fon. Soon i felt uninterested(no im not gonna use the word boring since it a bad significance) with my state of being. I thought for a second and suddenly i thought of Jason Mraz. I went to my books section wher i kept his DVDs safely which was been presented from my friends. I turn on the TV n played it. It was sharp 00.00. I watched it and i sing sing sing alone with him. It was an amazing feelings. I watched it for 1 and a half hours and I totally felt good. U noe all the hormones are rushing through my body. This so-called boring circumstances are in close relation to the hormonal balance in our body. Therefore, when u are feelin bored, dun say it aloud!. If u do that, ur mind will be completely jam. Instead ask yourself, what makes my hormones to rush? It's activates ur mind to think. Unconsciously, u wil noe it! So lets GET OUT of this circumstaces and LIVE UR LIFE...
Remember to enjoy ur holidays to the max.

I love this photograph!


cool lokin dude...

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