Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping Mania!

Huh..sigh....i'm so freakin tired. We shopped like crazy yesterday at Jucso Tebrau. It was wonderful, though we felt exhausted at the end of the day. We bought the perfect outfit for the upcoming event(cousin's wedding). Before that we budgeted at home. The expenses came out to be the exactly similar when it is compared to our prior budget. That's a huge relieve coz we spent wisely. Thank god mom followed us. She was like the shopin inhibitor for us. She decided which was the best choice for us. I didn't camwhored much because i was too tired.

But sometimes i always wonder, why are there a few bizarre  people out there, Especially the sales people. At one section, I asked the sales girl, 'is this outfit for males or female?'. She answered 'sort of'' and I was like speechless after that, i duno wat the hell she meant. So i decided to unfold and observe the outfit. It was so obvious that it meant for females. So i replied, ' I don't think so", and i walk of. After that, went to cousin's hse and he was like The God of Boredom. He showed me his collection of books. Instantly i borrowed him! I was craving for novels. But i like to own my own books...LOL. That's why, later im goin to the book expo at Best World(Danga Street Mall). Can't wait to go there. In the mean time, i'm gonna read my current novel A Million Little Pieces. Chow....

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