Thursday, December 24, 2009

'The Best Ever' Christmas Week

OMG....had a jolly fun within these Christmas week. Great, Great, Great fun....

3 Days Before Christmas:
Was sitin at home and felin bored. Then, went for prayers nearby our hse and paid respect there. After that, planned to go somewhere. Decided to go to Jessica's hse. But she wasn't answering her cell. Then, we went to Oiesh's hse. Jess came ther! So i went bac home with her coz im more comfortable with her. Jess and her mom wanted to go to shop for her Christmas Celebration. Went with her to Danga City Mall. Gosh, it was the best shopping wedding ever i've ever been. It was a cool and soothing shopping coz there were only a handful of people. Its like the Mall was ours. So Jess bought a dress and some other atire. Later on, jess n me went to explore the mall. I was astonish when i saw the upgraded shopping mall which used to be Best World.... Remember? There were Indoor Paintball, Gym, Bowling, Karaoke and many cool shops. We were thrilled coz we didn't noe those stuffs exist in JB. Huh...our curiousity pays off! Jess also bought Christmas Presents for her relatives. Overall she spent about RM 1500. Hmmm ok its juz figures. No big deal. It was a cool day!

Sorry jess. Was unshaven here....

2 Days Before Christmas:
We entralled to the mysterious world. Of course Avatar lah...Watch it at CS, As usual, that's our movie spot. The movie was wonderful and fantastic movie. So far i've heard one feedback from a guy sayin tat the movie is suck. He is juz an arse....Stupid, asshole, dumbass....Dun watch movie nex time since u duno how to judge a movie. Well forget that ass. I think the movie is gonna be the next Titanic. Its gonna be a big movie. High-five James Cameron!

 I admire them...The imagine-nator is great!

Eve of Christmas:
Reli didn't realize it was eve of Christmas. Noticed at the dusk. We was conter-striking all the day. Cousins came down. Obviosly im nt a good gamer, so mostly i became the spectator. Played until evening. Then decided to go to Jusco. But can't coz no transport and lack of Money. So we walked to Perling Mall. All shits were there. So went to take photograph pasport size for my cousin coz he is goin to NS. Then, walked till our skol together to go to Oiesh's hse. Didn't realize when we reached ther coz we kept talkin and camwhoring throughout the way, Spent time ther bout 20 mins, then headed bac home by cab. He cheated us, asshole. Damn! reached home. Cousins went bac. Got ready for movie, but i suggested my sis and bros to go for a party. They agreed. We went to Danga Bay. The crowd ther was crazy!!! Everyone was spraying the Party Spray at each other. It was insane man! Mostly there were chinese guys. Neway, they made a blast. Then, later decided to go to the seaside Bistro. Ordered 8 bottles of beers. I juz took a sip. Tats all. The rest were drunk. Sang along with the live band....They were great. Indeed great!. We were the only one who was cheering for them. I was camwhoring at the Spraying Party. One part, a group of gal saw me and the were pointing the piston to me, juz about to spray at me. I told them NO!....coz im havin the camera. Eventually, one chinese boy sprayed at me. Gosh, it was inevitable. Neva mine, then....At 12a.m the fireworks burnt into the air.......It was crazy like shit!!!

There's more today...Gonna enjoy with my family...
Love all of my family!

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