Friday, December 4, 2009

A Lovely Reunion

I couldn't wait to see her. Patients can't cool me down. Nothing could!... At last, i begged my mom to drive me to Sadhish's hse(Bella second's home). Mom was hesitating bout her decision. But i think my eagerness was intense. Nobody could stop me. Its like the reaction between petrol and water. It's not hard to imagine, i think...

Eventually, the weather was not my side, but my eagerness was extreme! The moment i reach there, her unforgettable looks makes my heart pounding a thousand times. She has grown bigger! I was happy. She was so adorable as well. Immediately, i grabbed her n carried her. Unbelievably, she recognized me. She became hyper-active. She was liking me and her familiar scent triggered my sensory cells in my nose. It felt like it was the perfect REUNION. Then,  i lullabied her for about half an hour. Soon I noticed that her fur was falling off....I didn;t noe why was it happening, and according to Sadhish its because of her transition to adulthood which is it will be replaced into a new one. Hope so! Overall it was a lovely reunion.

Later on, Sadhish got a gastric pain. So he took us to the nerby 'mamak stall. We spent there thriftily. Sadhish ordered a plate of rice with a few side dishes. Sadhish, my bro n me shared it together. Its like those Bangladeshis who usually do tat where 3-4 ppl will eat in one plate. But tat seemed to be too disgusting for us. So we took another plate. We enjoyed the food even though it was spicy. After that we camwhored.

We enjoyed our day today!

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  1. wat sadish said is true...bout the dogs hair...
    so dont worry